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Bridging the skills gap for the fashion industry

World-class online courses by apparel experts that empower professionals with the most in-demand skills.

MOTIF’s popular courses


Sustainability in Fashion

by Debera Johnson, Tara St James, Carolyn Shafer

Sustainability in Fashion is about a common language for professionals in the apparel industry that encourages communication across functions and better decision making during product design. This course d...   read more

Apparel Costing

by Ed Gribbin

This course is a deep dive into apparel costing. It covers the basic elements of cost, defines IMU from the retail and sourcing perspective and gives a thorough grounding in other important considerations ...   read more

Mechanics of Fit

by Emily Robertson Hood

This course is based on one of Alvanon's most popular professional development workshops. The course covers the fundamentals of fit, how it's defined, created and maintained, and how it directly impacts ma...   read more

This course covers the fundamentals and best practices for the use of a fit form, dummy or mannequin. The fit form is an essential tool in any product...   read more

66% of apparel industry employees are dissatisfied with current training*

*Source: Motif Alvanon 2018 Report “The State of Skills in the Apparel Industry”

MOTIF is here to change that.

Curated hands-on courses

The best courses from top apparel experts. Get equipped with actionable knowledge, sought-after fundamental, creative and technical skills & hot new competencies.

Learn anytime, anywhere

On-demand learning, seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule and available across all devices. Learn at your pace and as you go.

A valuable eLearning journey

Step-by-step online courses taking you on an engaging learning journey, with interactive learning tools and multimedia course materials. Earn certificates and peer recognition.
"Motif is an amazing platform with a wealth of knowledge that one can learn from at his or her own pace."
Jennifer K. Jones
Sales and Marketing, Contempora Fabrics, Lumberton, NC, USA

Is the apparel industry facing a skills crisis?

A rapidly changing market brings new challenges to businesses and employees. Read our 2018 Report –
“The State of Skills in the Apparel Industry” – to get the full scoop.

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