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The State of Skills 2020
in the Apparel Industry 

An exclusive report to inform business strategies and talent development

Skills: where do we stand as an industry?

Following on the success of the 2018 State of Skills in the Apparel Industry Report, MOTIF just completed a new survey in partnership with Alvanon, and with the renewed support of major industry organisations. 

We set out again to see what had changed in the past two years. Is the industry making enough progress to future-proof its workforce skills?Are companies investing more in training? Are there new concerns around the future of work and the skills that will be required across the supply chain?

This updated insight, garnered globally  and covering the full apparel and textile industry value chain, from design and development through to the factory and retail environment, will inform talent development, business strategies as well as address specific skill gaps.

The survey Report, to be published this Spring, will address key issues including:

• In which areas is the industry experiencing skill gaps? Within internal teams or supply chain partners?
• In what ways are businesses being hindered by skill shortages?
• Which area/s should be prioritized for immediate training?
• What are the road blocks experienced by the industry for up-skilling and talent development

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