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Sai Kashikar
What can be expected from Future of 3D Fashion?
Started the discussion ·
0 Votes 0 Answers
Albert Tan
To the experts, I am looking for software options that could create photo realistic images of apparel product without the need to go through all the photo shooting/studio arrangement. Tried …
Started the discussion ·
0 Votes 0 Answers
Deborah Metts
Hey guys! Working on a project and wanting to get some insights on the best body scan apps on the market right now? What are they? Have you used? Accuracy …
Started the discussion ·
0 Votes 1 Answer
Madhvi Sahti
User Added a comment ·
0 Votes 1 Answer
Joneien Johnson
User Added an answer ·
0 Votes 0 Answers
Maria Iordache
Was this event recorded?  Can you please send us the link (those who registered), so we can review and watch when convenient.  Thank you! - Maria
Started the discussion ·
1 Votes 0 Answers
vik prakash
The 3d Digital revolution is happening before our eyes. This is the time to connect, learn, grow, and build the tools and relationships that will help transform the fashion industry. …
Started the discussion ·
1 Votes 1 Answer
Leonie Hansl
User Added an answer ·
1 Votes 0 Answers
Elisabeth Souquet
Last Sept 17th, on Day 4 of the 3D Tech Festival MOTIF's CEO, Catherine Cole, in her "The State of Skills 2020: Are you 3D ready?" presentation, gave a sneak …
Started the discussion ·
2 Votes 4 Answers
Negi Arabani
User Added an answer ·
4 Votes 8 Answers
Dilani Onilka
User Added an answer ·
0 Votes 9 Answers
Surendar Sihag
User Added a comment ·
0 Votes 2 Answers
Fredrik Petrusson
User Added an answer ·
4 Votes 7 Answers
Joneien Johnson
User Added an answer ·

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