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This room is dedicated to small companies or freelancers to talk about the challenges of a smaller company in getting access to tools or working with 3D.

Anything on your mind on these topics that you’d like to ask about, challenge the community with or simply share?
Here is the place to start!

MOTIF Community Rooms are now OPEN !

The conversations below are part of the wider MOTIF Community and all contributions and upvotes on the public utility of a question/answer, conversation topic or comment/idea will increase your MOTIF Score BETA.
Tips: to make discussions nicer, add your avatar picture from your profile page, accessible from your username on the top right of this page.
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Kathleen Berry
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More about the


The MOTIF Score is an experimental point-based system to reward the most active members of the MOTIF Community, currently across most online trainings and the Community pages but eventually across most MOTIF services.

You’ll increase your score by using the discussion tools to ask questions, start a conversation, when you answer others’ or when other members upvote your various contributions because they find it particularly useful, right or pertinent.

You’ll find your MOTIF Score on your profile and only you can see it for now (click your avatar on the top right, once logged in).

The MOTIF Product team would love to hear what you think about it, please provide any feedback you may have below.

Course Community BETA Connect & Exchange with Learning Peers

Think like Socrates, asking and answering questions greatly multiplies the breadth and depth of understanding of any topic. Only when you are able to clearly explain something to someone else should you consider yourself as knowing it.

Ask anything below, look for clarifications, raise edge case scenarios, share your work-in-progress designs or simply contribute to existing discussions.



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