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MON 14/09
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  • 9:05 · 9:15am New York
  • 3:05 · 3:15pm Europe
  • 9:05 · 9:15pm Hong Kong

The Why

Janice Wang

About Janice Wang

Chief Executive Officer at Alvanon

Janice Wang, your host for the festival and chief executive of fashion technology company Alvanon, is using the latest innovations and technologies to shape the future of fit.

Janice Wang, a member of Alvanon’s founding family, joined Alvanon in 2002 as its CEO. Under her leadership, Alvanon has attracted and nurtured top-tier data analysts, 3D modellers and apparel experts. Since 2001, it has dedicated itself to body shape data research and has gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in 30+ countries, most recently, in China and the US.

At Alvanon she has successfully combined her apparel business knowledge and management skills with her industry vision to empower companies with data and intelligence. Improving standards in fashion – by providing the best technology, consulting services and industry training for apparel professionals. The Financial Times has described her as: “The shaper of change for (the) fashion world”.

Janice is the third generation of a family rooted in the apparel industry. She spent her formative years in the family childrenswear manufacturing business in Hong Kong, Sterling Products Limited, where she learned the value of technical excellence, relentless innovation, consumer focus and mentoring talent. She has worked in every aspect of product development and the supply chain. After leaving university with a double degree in Economics and East Asian studies, she went on to hone her business management skills with such high profile organizations as Texwatch Inc. and industry giant Li and Fung Limited.  She has recently been admitted to the exclusive Young Presidents Organization and has been previously shortlisted in the UK for both the Businesswoman of the Year Award and the Woman of the Future Award.  She lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two young daughters.

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vik prakash
The 3d Digital revolution is happening before our eyes. This is the time to connect, learn, grow, and build the tools and relationships that will help transform the fashion industry. …
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Margaret Belder
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Please note that Alvanon being a sponsor of the event, your questions will appear in Alvanon’s virtual booth as well.