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MON 14/09
Was live at
  • 9:15 · 10:00am New York
  • 3:15 · 4:00pm Europe
  • 9:15 · 10:00pm Hong Kong

The Authentic Digital Garment

At the basis of every fashion brand’s transition from physical to digital lies a solid 3D foundation. Building 3D libraries of high-quality digital assets that have been proven in real life is at the heart of digitizing your workflow. Jason Wang will discuss the concept of a proven digital garment and its mid to long term benefits for your organization.

Jason Wang

About Jason Wang

Chief Operating Officer at Alvanon

Jason Wang, a member of Alvanon’s founding family, oversees global operations for Alvanon, and has played a pivotal role in driving Alvanon’s evolution into a mainstream apparel-technology company. Jason drives the business strategy of all new product and apparel tech innovations. He oversees Alvanon’s in-house technology team consisting of software engineers, machine-learning/AI experts, data scientists and 3D experts. By leveraging his expertise in applications and technology, Jason has established the processes and methodology for the development of Alvanon’s 3D virtual bodies and Alvanon Body Platform (ABP).

He is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in body shape analysis and 3D avatar creation. Jason graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, specializing in Management Information Systems.

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Janice Wang
why, of all the beautiful cars out there, is a red ferrari your car of choice for this presentation?
Started the discussion ·
Please note that Alvanon being a sponsor of the event, your questions will appear in Alvanon’s virtual booth as well.

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