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MON 14/09
Was live at
  • 10:30 · 11:15am New York
  • 4:30 · 5:15pm Europe
  • 10:30 · 11:15pm Hong Kong

Inside the Alvanon Standard | European Series

Learn more about the newest standard series from the industry’s leading expert on standards development. The Alvanon Standard European Series is a sizing standard that reflects the actual posture, proportions, size, and shape of European atelier women, adult men, boy and girl.

Join Alvanon’s executive director, Don Howard, and executive director, Europe, Ton Wiedenhoff, as they discuss the new Alvanon Standard European series for Atelier Women, Men, Boy and Girl.

About Don Howard

Executive Director at Alvanon

Don has over 35 years’ experience in apparel product development and manufacturing with a focus on excellence in fit and sizing consistency over time across the supply chain. He joined Alvanon in 2010 as a consultant and was named Executive Director in 2013 to lead Alvanon’s global consulting team. He is a recognized expert in pre-production process, product creation and development with a particular emphasis on strategic implementation of sizing and fit standards and tools in both physical and digital to increase speed to market efficiencies.

About Ton Wiedenhoff

Executive Director, Europe at Alvanon

Ton Wiedenhoff joined Alvanon in 2019 as Executive Director, Europe. He heads Alvanon’s European team, and is responsible for the business development and support of key apparel retail, brand and sourcing clients. He also works closely with MOTIF, Alvanon’s online continual e-learning platform, to help client companies connect their apparel industry professionals to the skills and expertise they need to succeed in the digital age.

Ton has over 30 years of experience in supply chain organisation and integration. He has an outstanding record in helping apparel and brand clients optimise product quality, supply chain efficiencies and speed to market while achieving strategic sustainability and transparency objectives.

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