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TUE 15/09
Was live at
  • 9:00 · 9:30am New York
  • 3:00 · 3:30pm Europe
  • 9:00 · 9:30pm Hong Kong

How to create a fabulous digital runway in 3D

The Diigitals have been behind some of the most innovative 3D fashion campaigns and represent digital talent, such as the enigmatic digital supermodel Shudu. As the first all-digital modeling agency in the world, it recently collaborated with PARAISO to Premiere the First Virtual Fashion Show by The Diigitals. Cameron-James Wilson, CEO / Creative Director at The Diigitals shares his thoughts about the future of 3D fashion modeling and showcases its potential for innovative brands with a trailblazing fashion show.

About Cameron James-Wilson

CEO / Creative Director at The Diigitals

Working in fashion photography for almost a decade Cameron-James Wilson transitioned into 3D in 2017 with the creation of the world’s first digital supermodel Shudu. He has since founded an all digital modelling agency, The Diigitals, and worked on numerous campaigns across multiple industries, specialising in fashion.

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