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WED 16/09
Was live at
  • 10:15 · 11:00am New York
  • 4:15 · 5:00pm Europe
  • 10:15 · 11:00pm Hong Kong

Accelerate, Automate & Scale Your 3D Product Development

Darren Jacobs, Carmel Clothing’s Managing Director since 2005, was a true 3D visionary, leading the 3D design revolution with end-to-end digital transformation companywide. In this session, Darren will share his accumulated hands-on experience and valuable insights on:
  • Why, when and how Carmel first discovered 3D technology to collaborate with various stakeholders across the supply chain
  • How Carmel transformed their operations and automated the supply chain with 3D
  • The digital journey – leveraging 3D technology companywide
  • Carmel’s digital transformation process – challenges and lessons learned
  • How Carmel inspires UK’s fashion industry and leading retailers today
  • What the future holds – next steps in 3D adoption

About Darren Jacobs

Managing Director at Carmel Clothing Ltd at Carmel Clothing

Darren joined Carmel as a junior and quickly rose through the ranks to become Production Manager. Based in Vietnam, he now sits on the board as Production and Systems Director. Darren lives and breathes the fast-paced world of fashion and emerging industry technology and is responsible for the design and build of Carmel’s Garment Operating System. He constantly sets new standards in time to market and cost efficiency. An innovative thinker, Darren is also responsible for moving the business into the digital age with the implementation of Optitex our 3D design and visualisation platform.

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natasha coyne
User Added an answer ·
Please note that Carmel Clothing being a partner of Optitex, a sponsor of the event,
your questions will appear in Optitex’s virtual booth as well.