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Partners & Sponsors

Our educational partners are committed to industry change through the sharing of their best practices and expertise.

ISPO is the world’s leading sports network for business professionals and consumer experts. The platform was launched in 1970 and brings together an integrated range of industry-related analog and digital services under the ISPO family brand name. This includes the world’s largest multisegment trade fairs ISPO Munich, ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai as well as OutDoor by ISPO, the online news portal, and the business solutions ISPO Digitize, ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Open Innovation, ISPO Award, ISPO Academy, ISPO Textrends, ISPO Job Market and ISPO Shop. With its far-reaching mix of innovation promotion, industry networking, know-how and editorial insights, ISPO works 365 days a year to support companies and sports enthusiasts, and to foster passion for sport worldwide.

Assyst GmbH from Munich shapes digital work in the apparel industry with its products and solutions and is a reliable and experienced partner for the digitalization of the industry. Assyst solutions make it possible to develop products in line with customer and market requirements, quickly and cost-effectively. Assyst covers the entire process chain, from design to the store. Assyst is globally active, with around 120 employees at the Munich and Lainate/Milan sites and partners in many other countries.

BNV is the fashion first virtual destination for designers, creators, and global fashion brands. Creating an eco-system of interactions for products that will be wearable and tradeable in multiple virtual environments.

Our vision is to move beyond the physical reality and into digital realms, defining new spaces where virtual fashion can live. We believe fashion isn’t just an expression of our individual beliefs, it’s a representation of our collective social values.

As our society radically transforms, we will create new customer experiences for the next generation of digital consumers.

Founded in 1999, Browzwear is a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, driving seamless processes from concept to commerce. For designers, Browzwear accelerates collection development, opening limitless opportunities to create iterations of styles. For technical designers and pattern makers, Browzwear rapidly fits graded garments to any body model with accurate, true-motion material replication. For manufacturers, Browzwear’s Tech Pack delivers everything needed to produce physical garments perfectly the first time, and at every step from design to production. Worldwide, more than 650 organizations such as Columbia Sportswear, PVH Group, and VF Corporation leverage Browzwear’s open platform to streamline processes, collaborate, and pursue data-driven production strategies so they can sell more while manufacturing less, which increases both ecological and economic sustainability.

CLO Virtual Fashion is a multinational technology company founded in 2009. With more than 15 years of research and development in garment simulation, CLO Virtual Fashion is leading the market by digitally merging, consolidating, and converging all components related to digital garments through its state-of-the-art 3D Cloth Simulation Algorithm. From 3D garment design software, digital asset management and design development collaborative platform, to consumer facing services such as virtual fitting on e-commerce, all of CLO Virtual Fashion’s products and services are interconnected to provide clients and users with a more consolidated experience. Their products include CLO, 3D design software for apparel designers and brands, Marvelous Designer, 3D design software for character artists at gaming and animation companies, CLO-SET, communications and archiving platform for virtual garments, and CLO-SET Connect, global community for fashion creators and open marketplace. CLO Virtual Fashion is a global company with offices in New York, Munich, Los Angeles, Madrid, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangalore, and Tokyo.

Tafi and Daz 3D work in synergy to drive efforts at the forefront of digital creativity and expression. 

Tafi’s mission is to make personalized avatars and branded digital content available to everyone who wants to level up their digital identity. Partnering with mobile phone platforms and software applications, Tafi puts its world-class avatar content engine at your fingertips. At the same time, Daz 3D, a leader in 3D technology since 2000, empowers 3D artists and designers with a free, comprehensive software suite and a massive 3D marketplace with millions of inter-compatible assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications. The company offers hobbyists and professionals the tools they need to create high-quality 3D renders and animations featuring customizable content that can go anywhere.

Frontier is a global fashion enterprise collaboration SaaS – digitally links up supply chain in a global scale. We build software applications for rapid digitization of fabric materials, so product developers, designers, brands can create, search and collaborate on product design via a digital workflow. By taking textile online at the source from the entire vertical supply chain worldwide, not just within one organization, Frontier maximizes digital product creation in a network scale. When digital material information and relevant metadata become readily accessible and can be integrated, this information can fuel many downstream applications, such as, eCommerce, 2D pattern making, 3D design, PLM, sourcing, virtual fitting, and AR/VR.

Optitex is a global software provider of integrated 2D-3D computer-aided design (CAD) solutions for fashion & apparel, automotive, upholstery and industrial fabrics. Our solutions digitally streamline design, development and production throughout the supply chain, enabling efficient workflows and quick response to market demands. Optitex offers brands, retailers and manufacturers a one-vendor solution for delivering high-quality products on demand and on budget. Backed by over three decades of experience and a growing base of 30,000 users, our innovative solutions are highly accurate, sustainable and cost-effective.

SHIMA SEIKI is a leading solutions provider dedicated to delivering a digitally optimized value chain for the fashion industry.

Known for its innovative fashion technology, SHIMA SEIKI is particularly famous as pioneer of WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology wherein a garment can be produced three-dimensionally in one entire piece without the need for sewing. Using only the minimum amount of yarn required to knit a single garment, WHOLEGARMENT quickly became the benchmark for sustainable textile production.

SHIMA SEIKI is also known for its fashion tech solutions especially in the realism achieved through its virtual sampling technology. Based on actual yarn data, fabric simulations generated on its SDS-ONE APEX series are unparalleled in quality and realism. Should the design be approved for production, knitting data is automatically generated for converting to machine data, allowing smooth communication for digitally bridging the gap between the studio and factory.

Newly launched this year is APEXFiz subscription software that carries over proven functions from our benchmark SDS-ONE APEX4. With APEXFiz those strengths are now enhanced with the added versatility to adapt to working styles of the “new normal” including teleworking and telecommuting.

TG3D Studio is a 3D fashion technology provider founded with one goal only – to transform the way the fashion industry operates and make it more sustainable and more economically efficient. By offering 3D digitization tools, such as 3D body scanners, fabric scanners, fashion design software, and digital retail solutions, we aimed to become the one-stop shop for fashion’s 3D needs. 

UNIFI3D is not just another 3D service. We’re a digital product creation and commerce house that can help you get started or augment your team. We’ll help you identify where 3D can bring you the most value today. We’ll guide you in integrating digital product creation into your existing processes and help you adapt to a digital workflow. We’ll also provide educational workshops that will help you get the most out of your engagement with UNIFi3D, including helping your team become an expert digital workforce.

Our highly-trained and skilled professionals have extensive experience in digital product creation and commerce for the apparel industry. And because of our end-to-end supply chain experience, you can be sure that anything our team creates on your behalf is manufacturable, as well as e-commerce and marketing-ready.

Established in 2013, Zoic Labs is an advanced visualization company (small business concern) focused on the intersection of big data, narrative, design, and emerging technologies.

At our core we are creators. Our curiosity drives our desire to discover a better way, to iterate until we get it right, and to forge ahead with new ideas and products that tell a new story and offer transformative solutions for today’s changing world.

We provide R&D, software development, and UI/UX design related to data analytics and visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence for a diverse range of private companies, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

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