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About us

The apparel knowledge hub

MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers.

The fashion industry has been built on centuries of craftsmanship passed from one generation to another in some form of apprenticeship. Today these age old techniques are combining with new technology.

The fashion world needs innovation, technical intelligence, and practical skills to tackle the challenges of the future and counter the global race for talent. MOTIF exists to bridge this gap and gives you access to training, professional development and mentorship from the industry’s top practitioners.

MOTIF traces its beginnings to the late Dr. Wang, founder of Alvanon, the global innovations company, and his passion for education in the apparel industry. Over years of client engagement experience with hundreds of retailers, brands, manufacturers and vendors around the work, the idea for MOTIF was born. After two years of incubation in the Alvanon family, MOTIF spun out as a separate company in 2018.


The MOTIF team

Catherine Cole

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Ludovic Curtil

Product & Operations Director
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Elisabeth Souquet

Marketing Director
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Ken Cheung

Learning Experience Manager
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Jackie Lewis

Course Development Director
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Noel Wong

Creative & Brand Lead
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Ivy Shi

Instructional Designer
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Lucas Ferreira

Lead Developer
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Jill Coleman

Business Development Director
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Emilie Froidevaux

Marketing Assistant
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Kartikeya Misra

Analyst Intern
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Join the Team

We’re always on the look out for talented people to contribute to MOTIF’s growth, so if you are passionate about professional development, technology and the betterment of the fashion industry – and a firm believer in lifelong learning – we want to hear from you. You can also check out currently available positions on this page.

Course Community BETA Connect & Exchange with Learning Peers

Think like Socrates, asking and answering questions greatly multiplies the breadth and depth of understanding of any topic. Only when you are able to clearly explain something to someone else should you consider yourself as knowing it.

Ask anything below, look for clarifications, raise edge case scenarios, share your work-in-progress designs or simply contribute to existing discussions.