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Get the CLO 3D Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Online Courses for US$ 299 Only

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6 months access to the Courses and the MOTIF CLO 3D Learners’ Community.

Offer valid for individual seat purchase only. Software license cost not included.

Become a CLO 3D Expert. Futureproof your Career with in-demand 3D Fashion Design Skills.

Learn how to master CLO 3D and unleash your creativity in 3D with Roz McNulty, an independent experienced CLO 3D superuser 

30 hours of self-paced guided in depth learning with practical activities and projects to build your 3D design portfolio and get you from design ideas to actual production!

List Price: US$ 120

Basics in CLO 3D is an introduction to the tools and navigation within CLO 3D to get the learner’s creativity flowing. This course covers navigating the 2D and 3D environment, the basics of sewing and fabrics in 3D, concluding with dressing your avatar and exporting the garment image. The videos, work-along lessons and exercises allow learners to explore their own creativity in design.


List Price: US$ 120

Production in CLO 3D teaches learners to use the different tools for garment manufacturing including print layouts, colorways and bill of materials. Learners explore the next level of pattern making through exact measurement tools as well as manipulation of darts and lines. They are taught how to show off garments in 3D with movement through new techniques related to creating realistic fabrics and final exports, concluding with a CLO runway animation.

List Price: US$ 150

Advanced Techniques in CLO 3 is your guide to take your CLO 3D skills to an expert level. This course is well suited to designers that want to combine traditional pattern drafting with CLO 3D, drafting traditional patterns, pattern tracing and working with imports. This third course on CLO 3D covers advanced production involving pattern grading and auto grading to size as well as working with module structures and specialized avatar imports.


MOTIF online courses are self paced and access lasts for 6 months, so you have ample time to earn a valuable certificate to showcase on your resume and revisit the course content.

Roz McNulty

Course Instructor

Roz McNulty has been creating clothing on computers since 1983. She has experience with fashion design, pattern drafting, manufacturing, also with VR and AR. At the Fashion Innovation Centre, Roz works with apparel industry 3D software and mixed reality to create clothing assets such as historical clothing exhibitions, interactive AR runway and virtual change rooms.
She has been in clothing construction and manual pattern making for 30 years and spoke at the Electronic Visualization and Arts conference 2019 about the importance of 3D archiving for costume using 3D apparel software. A virtual museum is one of her dreams. Roz has always seen the future of clothing and computers starting with illustrating clothing on a computer over 30 years ago. The future is even more fascinating now with the use of Mixed Reality to show off clothing before it is made; to both the manufacturer and its team and the customer.

Roz can be called as a ‘Monocolist’ as she is a beta tester with the Monocle 3D scanning software developed by Steampunk Digital. She is member and a semi-finalist in the 3DRC Retail Coalition within this year 3D Sustainabliity contest. She is also a PI Apparel partner and past speaker at the PI Apparel conferences.

The Fashion Innovation Centre teaches 3D Clothing Pattern Design. FIC provides talent and resources for the apparel industry, online 3D retail and museum archiving. The vision of the Fashion Innovation Centre is to creating talent to support the future of 3D design sampling, retail marketing, web assets and archiving of apparel.

“The past, present and future of Fashion.”

Read more about the Fashion Innovation Centre.


The CLO 3D Online Course Series Bundle offer is only applicable to a unique individual customer getting a single seat on each course in the bundle. It is not applicable to group or corporate purchases.

Set team or corporate packages are available all year long. Team and corporate subscriptions include additional benefits such as manager dashboard and team learning analytics and priority support. For enquiries please contact [email protected]

The Course Bundle price does NOT include the cost of the CLO 3D software subscription. If you do not already have a software license, you will need to purchase it directly from CLO Virtual Fashion. You can check their free trial offer, subscription pricing and purchase methods on their website

You need to have a license for CLO 3D version 5.2 and above to best benefit from this course series.

The courses are self-paced which means you can start, finish and revisit the courses and benefit from any revisions or updates brought to the courses content anytime during your 6 months subscription from the date of purchase. The estimated time to complete each course is 8-10 hours. Alongside the courses you will have access to the MOTIF CLO 3D Course Community to discuss and exchange tips with your instructor and peer learners.

You will receive an individual MOTIF Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing a each course within your subscription. 

At the end of your 6 months subscription you will no longer have access to the course(s) and the Community but you will still have access to the Certificate(s) of Completion earned within your MOTIF user account.

If you wish to renew your subscription to the course(s) for another 6 months, you may do so at full listed price for each course.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have further questions or concerns. For group / team or corporate enquiries you may contact [email protected]

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Course Community BETA Connect & Exchange with Learning Peers

Think like Socrates, asking and answering questions greatly multiplies the breadth and depth of understanding of any topic. Only when you are able to clearly explain something to someone else should you consider yourself as knowing it.

Ask anything below, look for clarifications, raise edge case scenarios, share your work-in-progress designs or simply contribute to existing discussions.