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Sustainability in Fashion

by Debera Johnson, Tara St James, Carolyn Shafer

Sustainability in Fashion is about a common language for professionals in the apparel industry that encourages communication across functions and better decision making during product design. This course d...   read more

Apparel Costing

by Ed Gribbin

This course is a deep dive into apparel costing. It covers the basic elements of cost, defines IMU from the retail and sourcing perspective and gives a thorough grounding in other important considerations ...   read more

Mechanics of Fit

by Emily Robertson Hood

This course is based on one of Alvanon's most popular professional development workshops. The course covers the fundamentals of fit, how it's defined, created and maintained, and how it directly impacts ma...   read more

This course covers the fundamentals and best practices for the use of a fit form, dummy or mannequin. The fit form is an essential tool in any product...   read more

Coming soon

This course explores the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHO of 3D implementation. Learners will explore the business cases behind 3D and its best practices, establish an appreciation of 3D technology, learn to guide...   read more

Coming soon

This course gives the keys to developing an effective Plus apparel sizing strategy which is to establish the proper garment balance and shape for the Plus body, and the right aesthetic proportions. Plus S...   read more

Coming soon

This course is a deep dive into the product evaluation process. It is based on the fact that mostly design, merchandising, product development and technical department members waste time because of ineffic...   read more

Coming soon

This course is an engaging and interactive course with real examples of fit problems and pattern corrections that are commonly seen in the design and ...   read more

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Blended Courses

Coming soon, stay tuned!

Our blended courses offer the best of both worlds, combining modules of our onlines courses together with on-site workshops led by our top instructors. These are tailored to take into account the current knowledge of your participants and can be customised to dive into specific interests.

Partner with MOTIF

If you are a university, government or other organisation looking for a partner to package and/or publish your fashion industry professional learning content online, we’d love to hear from you.


Coming soon, stay tuned!

Workshops give you and your teams direct access to the course instructors. They are either held in regional locations or onsite at your company. Workshops are usually half or full day in length.

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