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Advanced Techniques in CLO 3D

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Become a real CLO 3D expert with this advanced course. It is your guide to take your CLO 3D skills to the next level. This course is well suited to designers that want to combine traditional pattern drafting with CLO 3D, drafting traditional patterns, pattern tracing and working with imports. This third course on CLO 3D covers advanced production involving pattern grading and auto grading to size as well as working with module structures and specialized avatar imports.

8-10 hours
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This course is for the CLO user that wants to utilize all the tools available within CLO 3D, also for an apparel designer from a traditional school that wants to elevate their pattern drafting skills to 3D simulations.
It is designed for apparel designers working with other softwares such as Illustrator and Gerber that want to compliment their skills with CLO 3D. It is an introduction to the pattern grading software within CLO 3D and the auto grading to fit an adjusted avatar once the clothing is created.
This course allows one to get even more creative in production with tools such as modules.

How will you learn?

The course is self-paced and includes a pre-assessment test, modules of interactive instruction based on videos, animations, practical exercises, discussion questions and knowledge assessments.
It ends with a post-assessment test and project where learners submit their own project using the techniques learned in the course. An in-course glossary at the learner's fingertips facilitates the understanding of technical terms.

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a MOTIF Certificate of Completion.

This course and the instructor are not affiliated with CLO. CLO offers a free Beginner’s Guide on their YouTube channel which you can use in tandem with this course if you choose.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Create digital samples for trade and retail customers.
2. Refine the digital pattern sample to a digital double visual.
3. Create in CLO with classic pattern drafting & tracing tools.
4. Use the auto grading tools.
5. Work with modular components.
6. Work with custom avatars including 3DLOOK imports and ALVANON avatars.
7. Create fabric repeats and use the online fabric services.
8. Understand online retail and AR.
9. Create a portfolio piece reflecting all the components learned.

Roz McNulty

Course Instructor

Roz McNulty has been creating clothing on computers since 1983. She has experience with fashion design, pattern drafting, manufacturing, also with VR and AR. At the Fashion Innovation Centre, Roz works with apparel industry 3D software and mixed reality to create clothing assets such as historical clothing exhibitions, interactive AR runway and virtual change rooms. She has been in clothing construction and manual pattern making for 30 years. Roz spoke at the Electronic Visualization and Arts conference 2019 about the importance of 3D archiving for costume using 3D apparel software. A virtual museum is one of her dream. Roz can be called as a ‘Monocolist’ as she worked with 3D scanning software developed by Steampunk Digital.
She has always seen the future of clothing and computers starting with when she first starts illustrating clothing over 30 years ago. According to her, the future is even more fascinating now with the use of Mixed Reality to show off clothing before it is made. To both the manufacturer and its team and the customer.

The Fashion Innovation Centre teaches 3D Clothing Pattern Design. FIC provides talent and resources for the apparel industry, online 3D retail and museum archiving. The vision of the Fashion Innovation Centre is to creating talent to support the future of 3D design sampling, retail marketing, web assets and archiving of apparel.

“The past, present and future of Fashion.”

Read more about the Fashion Innovation Centre.

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