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This online course with certificate is a deep dive into apparel costing. It covers the basic elements of cost, defines IMU from the retail and sourcing perspective and gives a thorough grounding in other important considerations that impact product development decisions.

12 hours

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The course is geared for junior and senior individuals and teams who need to refresh or
learn garment costing fundamentals. It is well-suited for apparel sourcing and
buying offices, buyers, merchandisers, product developers and tech designers.

How will you learn?

The course is self-paced and includes a pre-assessment test, 5 modules of interactive instruction and exercises, and a final assessment. An in-course glossary at the learner's fingertips facilitates the understanding of technical terms.

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive an Alvanon Certificate of Completion.

The recommended commitment for this course is a minimum 2 hours per week over a 6 week period.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Understand cost components of a garment and the respective logistics influencing cost and delivery time frame.

Evaluate potential trade-offs among materials, labor and/or manufacturing location in meeting brand or retailer objective.

Communicate and negotiate with buyers regarding sourcing alternatives with confidence.

Online course Detailed outline

Pre-Assessment Free trial

Assess the knowledge you already have on the course topics and evaluate how this course can be most helpful for you.

1. Price vs Cost

Understand what price and cost represent, differentiate cost-led pricing and price-led costs and learn how to choose the right approach for you.

  • 1.1 Understanding Price and Cost
  • 1.2 Cost-Led Pricing & Price-Led Costing
  • 1.3 Module Summary
  • 1.4 End of Module Assessment

2. Cost Components of a Garment

Understand the impact of fabric cost and the factors affecting it, other material cost components such as trims or decorations and explore the relationship between line efficiency and labour cost.

  • 2.1 Cost Components of a Garment
  • 2.2 Markers
  • 2.3 Markers in Practice
  • 2.4 Trims
  • 2.5 Cut and Make
  • 2.6 Line Efficiency
  • 2.7 Module Summary
  • 2.8 End of Module Assessment

3. Estimated Landed Cost (ELC)

Explore tariffs & duties, identify the factors affecting freight costs and the components of ELC and its calculation.

  • 3.1 Duties and Tariffs
  • 3.2 Freight Cost
  • 3.3 Estimating Carton Dimensions
  • 3.4 Calculating ELC and FOB
  • 3.5 Module Summary
  • 3.6 End of Module Assessment

4. Initial Mark-Up (IMU)

Understand IMU and its significance, explore the relationship between FOB/ELC/IMU and think about IMU ownership and IMU maximisation.

  • 4.1 What is IMU?
  • 4.2 Determining IMU
  • 4.3 Module Summary
  • 4.4 End of Module Assessment

5. Costing Considerations during Negotiations

Evaluate costing effectiveness, understand brand objectives vis-a-vis negociations and learn how to gain leverage from sustainability, innovation, collaboration, end-to-end efficiency and speed.

  • 5.1 Cost Effectiveness
  • 5.2 Additional Costing Considerations
  • 5.3 Engineer End-to-End Efficiency
  • 5.4 Module Summary
  • 5.5 End of Module Assessment


Pass the post assessment and obtain your advanced apparel costing certification.

  • Post Assessment
  • Course Survey

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Ed Gribbin

Course Instructor

Ed Gribbin has 4 decades of expertise from the factory floor to the boardrooms of global apparel companies. Ed serves on numerous industry boards, including the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA); and the International Apparel Federation (IAF).

About Alvanon

Alvanon was founded in 2001 when it developed a unique and innovative data-driven approach to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry. Since that time, it has evolved into a global consulting firm advising the world’s leading apparel organizations on how to align their internal teams, processes and supply chains; more intimately engage their existing and target customers; and innovate to optimize profitability and achieve their growth objectives. It has amassed a wealth of expertise across every key industry discipline including consumer analytics, concept and technical design, product development, manufacturing, quality, sourcing, planning, merchandising, distribution, marketing, e-commerce and training.

Alvanon works with its clients across multiple apparel sectors in 89 countries. It operates from its head office in New York, European headquarters in London, and Asia offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Alvanon also has research, development and manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China.

Approved with credit by The Textile Institute.
This credit can then be used towards gaining TI professsional qualifications, along with demonstrating a commitment to continuing professional development. The Textile Institute’s brand is an international sign of excellence.

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