Design to Cost: The Fundamentals

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Online course

Design to Cost – The Fundamentals is the first course in a series which covers how to develop product with quality and cost in mind. This course provides the foundations on which you can build your product skills and will be followed by courses specific to product categories including jersey and denim. This course teaches how to design product to a price point through understanding of cost levers. It covers good, better and best product engineering taking into account the basic principles of garment construction, components and fabrication. It aims to equip learners with the ability to develop in-house specifications and a platform to deliver consistent quality to the end consumer.

5-6 hours
This course is aimed at in-house product developers, designers and technical designers.
It is an entry level course for those who have a basic understanding of construction and product manufacturing.

How will you learn?

The online course is self-paced and includes a pre-assessment test, modules of interactive instruction combining a variety of formats such as videos, practical exercises, assignments, discussion forums and case studies. It concludes on a final assessment.

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a MOTIF Certificate of Completion.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the relationship between value, quality and cost.
2. Appreciate the different elements which can impact product cost and how to build a product specification.
3. Recognise basic construction methods, materials and components.

Online course Detailed outline

Module 1: Importance of Quality Free trial

In this module, you will learn how quality is described and measured.

  • 1.1 Cost of Quality
  • 1.2 Theoretical Case Study: Poor Quality
  • 1.3 Establishing Value for Money (VFM)
  • 1.4 Defining Good – Better – Best
  • 1.5 End of Module 1 Assessment

Module 2: Building Product Specifications

This module introduces how to specify appropriate quality levels by building product specifications that take into account the principles of quality and value.

  • 2.1 Product Framework
  • 2.2 Initial Product Creation Brief
  • 2.3 Fabrics
  • 2.4 Fit and Measurements
  • 2.5 Garment Special Features and Minimum Standards
  • 2.6 Trims and Additional Useful Information
  • 2.7 Final Product Checklist
  • 2.8 End of Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: What Can Go Wrong

In this module, you will review three different examples of inadequate product specifications leading to poor sample hit rate, product failure and poor value for money.

  • 3.1 Issue 1: Poor Hit Rate
  • 3.2 Issue 2: Product Failure
  • 3.3 Issue 3: Poor Value for Money
  • 3.4 End of Module 3 Assessment


In this final module, you will review the key takeaway from this course and listen to advice on how to approach implementation.

  • 4.1 Implementation
  • 4.2 Teaser for the next course
  • 4.3 Fabric Consumption
  • 4.4 Final Assessment
  • 4.5 End of Course Survey

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Jackie Lewis
Course Instructor

With a career spanning almost 30 years in technical design and product development with organisations such as M&S, Littlewoods, Shop Direct, C&A and Missguided, Jackie Lewis
joined MOTIF in 2018 as Course Development Director. She is also an expert consultant focusing on 3D, process efficiencies and sustainability.


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