Digital Fashion and Sustainability: The Market & Consumer Perspective

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In order to achieve a zero-waste textile industry, businesses will need to reevaluate how they build data, use technology and develop infrastructure that is needed to control and moderate resource waste along the value chain. Developed by the United Nations, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity, to deliver greater transparency and accountability. The goals apply a full systems approach and responsibility towards all issues within a production system.

How do fashion businesses implement relevant SDG’s into their existing business models, creating a true level of transparency and traceability with diversity, inclusivity and equity in a digitized fashion supply chain? Our Digital Fashion & Sustainability series of three Masterclasses connects the dots for you. This first Masterclass in the series will support your navigation through the minefield of SDG’s to understand their relevance to your company and the growth potential for sustainable business practices in the future. Learn how to identify potential barriers in implementation and make decisions with regards to people, planet and prosperity while building a new sustainable business model by incorporating circular strategies in a digitized culture. In the second and third part of the series, we turn to real world applications and case studies to help businesses on their journey. 

You may enroll in this masterclass by itself or enroll in all 3 in the series. Book your seat for all 3 masterclasses as a bundle in a single upfront transaction to save $ 150 on the overall cost.
Masterclass 2 (March 15): Digital Fashion and Sustainability: Applied Case Studies
Masterclass 3 (March 29): Digital Fashion and Sustainability: Transformation in Practice

This class is geared for senior level executives in small, mid-size and major brands or vendors who have management and/or strategic responsibility for their company. This is also great for young company leaders building new entreprises.

Key Learning Objectives
After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand current SDG’s and their relevance for fashion’s digital natives (Gen Z and beyond) in the context of fashion’s digital future.

  • Evaluate and implement SDG’s that address solutions to systemic problems within a fashion business context.

A digital Certificate of Completion will be issued to all who complete this Masterclass

Total seats: 16

Provides access to the training and all its updates for 6 months after the online masterclass date.

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Blended training Detailed outline

Masterclass with Merunisha on March 1, 10 am CET

Below are the topics that will be covered over this 3-hour class along with discussion, case studies and interactive exercises.

  • Welcome (10 minutes)
    • Introduction and Overview of Objectives
  • The SDG’s and Fashion (50 minutes)
    • The Relevance of Why, Where, What and How to implement the relevant to fashion SDG’s?
    • How businesses can seamlessly apply the SDG’s to new business models.
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Sustainability for Future Generations (30 minutes)
    • Gen Z and a digital fashion future
  • Interactive Breakout Session in groups of 3-5 (50 minutes)
    • What are the drivers and barriers to companies applying the SDG’s with digitalisation?
  • Plenary Discussion (15 minutes)
    • Guidelines for systemic change
  • Summary and Key Takeaways (15 minutes)
  • Wrap Up – Q&A (10 minutes)


Merunisha Moonilal
MSc Sustainable Business & Innovation | The Digital Fashion Group |
Amsterdam Fashion Institute | Mer & Moon

An interdisciplinary environmental and social sustainability professional, focused on the textiles and leather apparel industries, I am passionate about implementing circular business strategies in front running incumbents and SME’s. My expertise lies is facilitating businesses to analyze their dynamic capabilities and reallocate resources to push forward circularity in product and processes in their supply chains. Additionally, I believe education is pivotal to creating change in the global supply chain. I contribute to this change by being a Digital Professor for Circularity at The Digital Fashion Group and lecturing at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, as well as providing high level strategic workshops on design thinking for middle management professionals in the fashion industry. 

Facilitated by The Digital Fashion Group

“The Digital Narrative for lifelong learning informed by the latest innovation and Technology in the Fashion Value Chain” The Digital Fashion Group is a European-led collaboration between Fashion Academics and Industry Innovators. Working with industry leaders to equip fashion education, professionals and brands with the relevant skills, mindset and strategies for tomorrow’s workplace.

With extensive international experience of fashion education and the full fashion value chain from creative concept to retail, the founders of The Digital Fashion Group are leveraging their combined knowledge to rethink how we create, produce, market, sell, and use clothing, and how fashion professionals can drive this to redefine the industry. To lead the development of the digital mindset and digital strategies TDFG focuses on identifying and amplifying the key digital technologies in the industry, in particular how creative talent engages with data during the design process, and how brands can adapt to Industrial Revolution 4.0. We have a global, inclusive, flexible, hands-on approach delivered across our three core functions of Academy – Consult – Talent

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This session is open to any fashion industry professional. Some topics may be more advanced than others but there are no prerequisites to attend.

This class is geared for senior level executives in small, mid-size and major brands or vendors who have management and/or strategic responsibility for their company. This is also great for young company leaders building new entreprises.

The ticket gives you access to the full Masterclass and all of its learning material which includes live interaction sessions with audience participation, small group break-out discussions, pre-reading material and resources, and access to the event community for discussion before and after. Everyone who completes the Masterclass, will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.

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