Fabric Appreciation Workshops:
Understanding the factors affecting price, handle, aesthetics and technical performance

DS Textiles Solutions has developed a range of Fabric Appreciation Workshops that cover various aspects of Fabric Manufacture. Each workshop is made up from several different modules that can be chosen as required.

About the Workshops

Introductory workshops can be run for a duration of 3 and a half hours – or more advanced courses for a duration of 6 hours.

Workshops are intended for a maximum of 8 to 10 delegates at a time and are held at your own location, anywhere in the UK. Workshops can also be carried out to English speaking attendees outside of the UK, subject to travel and logistics arrangements agreed between the instructor and the company.

The workshops are relevant to anyone at any level involved in buying – e.g. buyers; merchandisers; garment technologists; designers. In addition workshops can be targeted at e-commerce / sales teams that would benefit from understanding key fabric properties and how these relate to customer benefits.

Workshop can either be held for single disciplines (e.g. all buyers together) or for mixed discipline that are members of the same buying team.

All workshops are interactive and use plenty of samples to illustrate key learning points.

Standard modules include:

  • Fibre origins and properties
  • Yarn Spinning – understanding yarn count systems
  • Woven Fabric manufacture – including analysis of different woven constructions
  • Weft Knitted Fabric Manufacture – including analysis of different weft knit constructions
  • Understanding Fabric Specifications and Fabric Technical Data Sheets
  • Dyeing and Finishing
  • Fabric Testing and interpreting / understanding test reports.

In addition to these standard modules DS Textile Solutions can offer a more bespoke service whereby courses can be adapted to include specific core fabric constructions relevant to the company / department at a slightly increased fee.

About the Instructor


Deborah Shulton

Managing Director, DS Textiles Solutions

Deborah Shulton is the Managing Director of DS Textiles Solutions, a U.K. training and consultancy firm based in Loughton Essex. Deborah  has over 30 years’ experience in the Textile Industry including:
  • Working across a wide range of departments at Marks and Spencer as a fabric development technologist, including implementing fabric buying procedures for the original Autograph sub brand. Working at several other high street and online retailers to develop and implement fabric performance standards, fabric buying procedures and managing fabric developments.
  • Developing and running bespoke Fabric Appreciation workshops for members of buying teams at all levels as well as bespoke Product Knowledge workshops for retail staff.
Deborah’s qualifications include BSc (Hons) Textile Technology; Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Deborah is also an Associate of the Textile Institute (CText ATI).