How to Brand Fashion Products, Fibres & Textiles to Drive ESG/Sustainability, the Circular Economy and Avoid Greenwashing

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Sustainability objectives are complicated and difficult to achieve. When consumers are asked about it, they most often think of data and statistics, often contrary and complex. This leads to inaction on their part. Businesses are in a similar quandary. They’re unclear. This often leads to Greenwashing errors in their marketing. We all suffer. A strategy to overcome this is to brand ESG products, fibres and textiles with brand symbols, images & stories. The can shift consumer thinking from numbers to feelings creating a higher comfort level & greater chance of consumer engagement. This also helps companies monitor their messaging using the brand and its values as a filter for ESG communications. Everyone benefits & ESG moves a step closer to reality.

This Masterclass is taught by seasoned branding expert, Bill D’Arienzo who has worked with companies and product development managers, advising them on how to manage their brand and use it to incorporate ESG values into their product design & development process for over 30 years. Bill’s textbook, “Brand Management Strategies: Luxury & Mass Markets” has been adopted by instructors at over 12 U.S. universities.

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Key Learning Objectives
After this course you will be able to:

  • Brand fibres, textiles and fashion products to drive sustainability and circularity objectives by applying best practices currently in effect in our industry.
  • Understand how, using branded communications, managers can increase fashion transparency in regarding Circularity, Carbon Footprints, Carbon Trade Offs, and other ESG objectives.
  • Recognize the signs when you are Greenwashing in your labeling, hangtags & other merchandising / marketing communications and make changes by staying “on brand“.

Additional Benefits
Attend this masterclass and get:


  • a 1:1 follow-up Zoom ESG brainstorming with Bill
  • a copy of Bill’s 175 page book manuscript: “If You Brand It, They Will Come: Creating A Community, Commited to Circularity, guided by ESG”

A digital Certificate of Completion will be issued to all who complete this Masterclass.

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How to Brand Fashion Products, Fibres & Textiles to Drive ESG/Sustainability, the Circular Economy and Avoid Greenwashing

Live masterclass

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  • English


  • Certificate of completion


A Masterclass with Bill

Below are the topics that will be covered over this 3-hour class along with discussion, case studies and interactive exercises.

  • Why a Brand Identity is essentiaI for achieving ESG Objectives?
    • How Brand Archetype can move the commitment needle
  • How to use Brand Values & Design Thinking for [email protected] Point of Design
  • Which Fashion companies are leaders in ESG and which are not and why?
    • What are the signs that you are slipping into Greenwashing
  • What are the differences and the consequences of Bluewashing and Greenwashing?
  • How to create, copy, claims and ESG Messaging that avoids both?


Bill D’Arienzo
Ph.D, Founder WDA Brand Marketing Strategies

Bill is the CEO of WDA Brand Marketing Strategies & founded & lectures in the Brand Management Certificate programs @ FIT/NYC. In this capacity, he has designed and teaches “Brand Strategies for Driving Sustainability and the Purposeful Economy” a 6 week intensive wherein students earn a Certificate. He has written widely on the subject matter of branding sustainability and currently is the brand advisor for, a web-based sustainability initiative that aligns consumers and their values with brands and their CSR/ESG promises & NGO’s and their missions on a common vetting platform.

Facilitated by WDA

WDA offers Fashion Law Management strategies on how to create and protect your brand assets & Expert Opinion Reports (which we have done for Gucci & others) with on-line Consumer Research (which we design & administer in house) in support of these services.

In WDA’s consulting practice, Bill & his team believe that in our fiercely competitive global & digital economy, “Great product is necessary but not sufficient for business success”; as such, they create unbeatable branded businesses!

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