Project Patterns

Pattern Cutting Fundamentals: Armholes, Sleeves and Necklines

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Online course

Changing armholes, sleeves and necklines isn’t quite as easy as it looks but this online course breaks down the concept of contouring the pattern to ensure that the garment still fits after changing the pattern.

3.5 hours
Junior Pattern Cutters, Garment Technicians or entry level Fashion Graduates, working in brands and retailers or clothing manufacturers, or working as freelancers/independents.
Students must have a basic understanding of garment construction and mastered dart rotation and adding volume. It would also help students to have completed course course 1, Introduction to Pattern Cutting, course 2, Dart Manipulation, and course 3, Pleats, Gathers and Frills of the Pattern Cutting Fundamentals Series.

How will you learn?

This highly practical self-paced course includes video instructions for every lesson as well as worksheets, quizzes and discussions. This course also supplies half scale downloadables to follow along that will ease your learning journey and enhance your learning experience. An in-course glossary at the learner’s fingertips facilitates the understanding of technical terms.

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Project Patterns Certificate of Completion.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

1. Understand and use the concept of contouring

2. Draft a range of different necklines including a boat neck, deep round neck, square neck, wrap top and a one shoulder top

3. Draft a range of different armholes including a dropped shoulder, racer armhole and halter neck

4. Draft a range of sleeves including a bishop sleeve, lantern sleeve, tulip sleeve, raglan sleeve and a kimono sleeve

5. Draft both closed and open cuffs

Online course Detailed outline

Module 1: Changing Necklines

In this module you’ll be introduced to a new concept called contouring. The contour guide is going to guide us through drafting a range of new necklines without compromising the fit of our new garment.

  • 1.1 Adding Extra Shaping & Contouring
  • 1.2 Boat Neckline
  • 1.3 Round Neckline
  • 1.4 V-Neckline
  • 1.5 Square Neckline
  • 1.6 One Shoulder
  • 1.7 Wrap Top

Module 2: Changing Armholes

You’ve already learnt how to use the contour guide to change necklines, now in this module we’ll apply that theory to armholes too.

  • 2.1 Racer Armhole
  • 2.2 Dropped Shoulder
  • 2.3 Halter Top

Module 3: Changing Sleeves

The sleeve block can also be manipulated using slash & spread and dart rotation. This module will focus on a variety of sleeve styles including a bishop sleeve, raglan sleeve, kimono sleeve and many more!

  • 3.1 Understanding Sleeves & Armholes
  • 3.2 Creating Closed Cuffs
  • 3.3 Creating Open Cuffs
  • 3.4 Bishop Sleeve
  • 3.5 Lantern Sleeve
  • 3.6 Tulip Sleeve
  • 3.7 Dropped Shoulder
  • 3.8 Kimono Sleeve
  • 3.9 Raglan Sleeve