Solving Fit Problems: Women’s Tops

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This course is an engaging and interactive course that covers the methodology of problem-solving fit for women’s tops. It walks the learner through real examples of common fit problems and possible pattern corrections for them. This course also includes a social module for learners to raise their fit problems for discussion with the community. In the first part of the course, you will learn how to be a detective and find the root causes of problems. Then you’ll walk away with the tools for solving them and efficiently communicating associated pattern corrections. Ultimately, this will help you improve product quality, increase speed to market and optimise cost-efficiency.

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This course is geared for junior to senior team members from product development and
technical teams and any team member with basic garment knowledge who would like to
understand how to identify and solve common pattern issues.

How will you learn?

The course is self-paced and includes a pre-assessment test, 3 modules of interactive instruction on the methodology with a case study, 2 examples of fit problems, exercises and knowledge assessments. The course ends with a social module where learners can contribute and discuss their own fit problems. All participants who complete the course will receive an Alvanon Certificate of Completion. The recommended commitment for core course content is a minimum 1 hour per week over a 3 week period. Due to the social aspects of this course, learners will be encouraged to periodically return to the course and collaborate on new fit problems over the duration of their subscription.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Understand the methodology of problem-solving fit for women’s tops
- Detect some common fit issues and identify their root causes
- Apply principles learned to troubleshoot and correct fit issues
- Collaborate on fit solutions with fellow professionals

Online course Detailed outline

Pre-assessment Free trial

This is to assess the knowledge you already have on the course topics and evaluate how this course can be most helpful for you.

Introduction Free trial

Meet your instructor, introduce yourself and get a better feel for what you will be learning during this course.

  • 1. Welcome to the Course
  • 2. Course Overview
  • 3. Why is it Important to Solve Fit Problems
  • 4. Becoming a Fit Detective

Module 1: Defining Good Fit vs Poor Fit

Learn how to identify ‘good fitting’ product for plus and regular women, examine ‘style’ versus ‘fit’ issues and identify fit problems.

  • 1.1 Visually Define Poor Fit
  • 1.2 Visually Define Good Fit
  • 1.3 Examine Style Versus Fit Issues
  • 1.4 Fit Problems Plus Size Women Face
  • 1.5 Differences Between Regular and Plus Sizes
  • 1.6 Summary
  • 1.7 Assessment

Module 2: What Causes Fit Problems?

Play the detective! Find the root cause of a fit problem by understanding how material choice and components affect a sample, how human factors sneak in fit problems and by grasping the role of the actual pattern and product measurements in product fit.

  • 2.1 Building Ground Rules for Garment Fit Evaluation
  • 2.2 Call-outs Best Practice
  • 2.3 Identify All Possible Causes for a Fit Problem
  • 2.4 Components
  • 2.5 Personnel
  • 2.6 Methods
  • 2.7 Measurements
  • 2.8 Summary
  • 2.9 Assessment

Module 3: Case Study - Problem Detection to Resolution

Learn how to detect common fit problems in women’s tops and come up with pattern correction solutions.

  • 3.1 The Rejected Shirt
  • 3.2 Checking Fit Evaluation Feedback
  • 3.3 Correcting Patterns
  • 3.4 Collaborating to Solving Fit Problems
  • 3.5 Exercise 1
  • 3.6 Exercise 1 - Answer
  • 3.7 Exercise 2
  • 3.8 Exercise 2 – Answer
  • 3.9 Exercise 3
  • 3.10 Exercise 3 - Answer
  • 3.11 End of Module Assessment


Review the key concepts and assess your understanding of the fit problem methodology before getting to the practical part of the course.

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Final Exam

From Theory to Practice

Now that you have seen the methodology from Alvanon on how to problem-solve fit, it’s time to meet Jackie Lewis who will take you through 2 practical examples of common issues.

Fit Problem 1 (Coming soon November)

Stay tuned for the release of this practical step-by-step review of a common fit problem!

Fit Problem 2 (Coming soon December)

Stay tuned for the release of this practical step-by-step review of a common fit problem!

Collaborative Brainstorming on Fit Problems (Coming soon)

Stay tuned for the release of the fit problem brainstorming library where you’ll be able to raise your own challenges and help solve others’!

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