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Emerging from a crisis, opportunities will open up for businesses who are agile and creative, but is your internal operations model able deliver? There has never been a time like today to learn how to develop product and build ranges with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Join the MOTIF Masterclass with senior industry expert Maxi Bohn to explore what is required to succeed in the fashion business world.

Digitalisation became an even bigger buzzword due to the crisis and there is a lot apparel SMEs can do with existing tools. This session will deliver a hands-on approach to the digital transformation of your apparel product development, including a look into the 3D department.

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This online Live Masterclass is aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises personnel.
It is specifically designed for apparel product developers, technical designers, patternmakers and designers. Ideal for SMEs who manage (parts of) their technical development in house.
The topnotch content of this live masterclass provides enablers for efficient processes and digital product creation.

How will you learn?

This online Live Masterclass will last for 2 hours and will be conducted on Zoom. It will be limited to 10 participants to allow for interaction between the learners and the instructor.

What will you learn?

In this session you will discover a practical approach to the digital transformation of your apparel product development, including a look into the 3D department. You will learn that the basis for successful digital and conventional product creation is creating a range of standards for garment techs, pattern makers and product developers. You will review the latest industry standards and how they can drive efficiency.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Improve your product quality and the creation processes by implementing standards.

2. Understand what it takes to implement 3D.

3. Start the digitalisation journey by fully utilizing your existing tools.

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Product Development Elevated - Standards and Digitalisation


   Jun 10, 2020 (Wednesday)
   4-6pm Central European Time (Berlin) / 10am-12pm Eastern Standard Time (New York)

Topics for the Live Masterclass includes:

  • Standards in product development (efficiency)
  • Digitalisation in SMEs (and what to learn from bigger brands)


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  • Resource from the Live Masterclass
Maxi Bohn

Maxi Bohn

Course Instructor

Maxi has a decade of experience in fit engineering and product development at a strategic level within international players like Zalando. Maxi has been leading several product development teams for apparel products and managed the digital transformation in a successful online fashion brand. 


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