Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability in Fashion is about a common language for professionals in the apparel industry that encourages communication across functions and better decision making during product design. This online course with certificate defines what sustainability is, explains why designers should care about it, shows how it can be integrated into a product’s lifecycle and illustrates best practices to deal with sustainability issues. You will learn how sustainability can be an asset for your business, your brand and your end consumer. Sustainability shouldn’t feel like a heavy burden; it’s an opportunity for innovation.
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What will you learn?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Frame your mission around values unique to you, your company and your end consumer.

Describe the lifecycle of your product, from cradle to grave and consider the impact of sustainability at each stage.

Employ sustainability design strategies across the supply chain.

Who is it for?

This course is relevant for brands, sourcing offices, trading companies and vendors.

The training content is well-suited for designers, manufacturers and managers; any learner who is inspired to think about new ways of designing and sustainable practices through the product development process and supply chain.

How will you learn?

The online course is self-paced and includes a pre-assessment test, 10 modules of interactive instruction and a Capstone project. An in-course glossary at the learner's fingertips facilitates the understanding of technical terms.

All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Motif Certificate of Completion.

The recommended commitment for the course is a minimum 1 hour per week over a 3 week period.

Course instructors

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Debera Johnson

Debera Johnson is the Founder of the Pratt Institute/BF+DA and has been leading the integration of sustainability into Pratt’s programmes for over 15 years.

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Tara St James

Tara St James is the Production Coordinator & Research Fellow, Zero Waste Manufacturing for BF+DA. With over 20 years experience, she has developed an accurate understanding of a variety of production systems and manufacturing techniques.

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Carolyn Shafer

Carolyn Shafer is the s.LAB Director for the BF+DA, mentoring Venture Fellows around their sustainability mission using knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment Tools, Sustainable Design Strategies and Environmental Impacts of various materials.