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Textile Tuesday:
Navigating Textile Supply Chain Certifications with DS Agency

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Once each month, RE:SOURCE invites a sustainable textile vendor to present their materials, fibers and / or processes.

Join us for December’s Textile Tuesday with Dorothee Sarah Spehar, a fashion sustainability and textile consultant working with DS Agency to dive into supply chain transparency and social and environmental compliance.

About the Workshop

In this 3-hour lecture, you will learn how to navigate the obscure landscape of certifications in the fashion supply chain. The session will include answers to
the following questions and information points:

• How do traders document environmental & social aspects?
• How do production units document environmental & social aspects?
• Chemicals a more detailed explanation for printing/production.
• Labour Rights for certifications in a more detailed explanation.
• Non Compliance what does it mean?
• Basic introduction to Transaction Certificates.
• The rules for logo usage and marketing claims.

You will also get some basic introductions to GOTS, OCS, GRS, RCS, RWS, RDS,

• Defining terms commonly used in sustainable fashion.
• What does supply chain transparency through certifications mean?
• What is the difference of the programs listed above?
• What is the advantage for my company when being certified?
• What is the end consumer’s perspective on certified clothing?
• How does a textile audit look like in a nutshell.
• The Social Aspects of the most common standard as an introduction.
• The Environmental Aspects of the most common standard as an introduction
incl. chemicals.

My company is certified, so what’s next? 

• Annual costs and routines.
• Everyday demands when handling with certified goods.
• How to find suppliers.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established brand you’ll leave this
workshop with a plethora of knowledge and tons of new ideas to help you
develop and build your brand with sustainability and mindfulness at its core.

About the Instructor

Dorothee Sarah Spehar is a fashion sustainability consultant and textile diversity specialist working and living between Berlin, Copenhagen and New York.

Additionally to her studies at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she holds a Design & Business Degree specialised in Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Textile Businesses from KEA Copenhagen. Previous her entrepreneurial projects, DS spent 10+ years with international retailers, fashion PR and fashion event production. Amongst other clients she is currently working for Control Union Germany, UK and Netherlands as a textile auditor & compliance trainer all around the world.

Her work with DS AGENCY focuses on supply chain transparency, compliance guiding and the motivation to explore new disrupted creative markets through retail and wholesale events.

About the Organiser

RE:SOURCE is the sustainable textile library and sourcing service wing of the Study NY Consultancy, focused on inspiring change through education initiatives and textile research.

Our team of experienced consultants at Study NY have in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and how to seamlessly integrate sustainability initiatives into any size brand or business. We work with established designers, new start-ups and corporate clients to provide them with a general overview of sustainable manufacturing principles, with particular expertise in textiles and apparel production. Based on your needs, we can advise on specific sourcing requirements or provide a basic understanding of production for apparel and accessory development and production.

Some things we can help with:

  • Sourcing responsible fabrics and mills through our textile library
  • Life cycle thinking: a general overview or an assessment of your specific product(s)
  • Setting sustainability goals: inventory your sustainable strategies and how you can scale/add to them
  • Referrals to apparel manufacturers within our extensive database
  • Understanding how to produce locally and internationally.

Date and Time
Saturday, December 7th, 2019

1:00PM – 4PM EDT 

520 8th Avenue
Suite 1202
New York, NY 10018
United States

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