Textile Tuesday:
Turning Plastic Waste into Profit with Conserve India

Once each month, RE:SOURCE invites a sustainable textile vendor to present their materials, fibers and / or processes.

Join us for October’s Textile Tuesday with Kanika Ahuja from Conserve India in our new space in NYC’s Garment District.

Cannot make it in person? You can also book and join the Live Stream.

About the Workshop

Born of a desire to combat India’s twin problems of poverty and waste through fashion, Conserve India stands for contemporary values and new-age fashion while combining social justice and environmental regeneration in its products. Repurposing plastic bags that have clogged our cities, rivers and oceans!

“We have developed a unique process to upcycle plastic waste to create a new material which looks and feels like leather. An alternate to Leather, that is cheaper, longer-lasting and lightweight. Its even waterproof! We call it “Handmade Recycled Plastic”. We use this material to create Upcycled fashion products like handbags, travel bags, wallets etc. Our process avoids carbon emissions that traditional recycling of plastics produce and also works to increase the income of urban slum dwellers by 150%. We work with several artisan groups in India and design to utilise traditional Indian crafts in contemporary design using sustainable materials. We are a part of the World Fair Trade organization and follow a Fair and Ethical supply chain.”

About the Organiser

RE:SOURCE is the sustainable textile library and sourcing service wing of the Study NY Consultancy, focused on inspiring change through education initiatives and textile research.

Our team of experienced consultants at Study NY have in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and how to seamlessly integrate sustainability initiatives into any size brand or business. We work with established designers, new start-ups and corporate clients to provide them with a general overview of sustainable manufacturing principles, with particular expertise in textiles and apparel production. Based on your needs, we can advise on specific sourcing requirements or provide a basic understanding of production for apparel and accessory development and production.

Some things we can help with:

  • Sourcing responsible fabrics and mills through our textile library
  • Life cycle thinking: a general overview or an assessment of your specific product(s)
  • Setting sustainability goals: inventory your sustainable strategies and how you can scale/add to them
  • Referrals to apparel manufacturers within our extensive database
  • Understanding how to produce locally and internationally.

Date and Time
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

4:00PM – 6PM EDT 

520 8th Avenue
Suite 1202
New York, NY 10018
United States