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Was live on Nov 10 at
  • 10:00 AM New York
  • 4:00 PM Paris
  • 07:00 AM California
  • 11:00 PM Hong Kong

Panel Session Shared Risk and Reward in the Fashion Supply Chain

Creating a better retail margin, at less risk, requires investment in process innovation. What investment should retailers and suppliers make, and how can it create value both upstream and downstream? How does a faster, leaner and more agile sourcing relationship help to balance risks and rewards? Is our industry business model capable of overcoming its low profit, low growth and low tech reputation? Isn’t the balancing and sharing of risk and reward among buyers and suppliers one of the keys to unlocking a better overall performance of the supply chain?

This is the 2nd in a series of three webinars on the New Supply Chain Dynamics that the International Apparel Federation, IAF, is organizing together with the apparel knowledge hub MOTIF. This session is hosted as part of the 2 days 36th IAF World Fashion Convention’s Digital Pre-Convention Event.

John Thorbeck
Chairman, Chainge Capital LLC
Liz Simon
Chief Sustainable Transformation Officer, Fashion3
Anne Patricia Sutanto
Vice CEO, PT. Pan Brothers Tbk.

Moderated by Ton Wiedenoff, Executive Director Europe, Alvanon

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Event recording

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About the Organizers

IAF is the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, (SME) brands, their associations, and the supporting industry. IAF’s membership now includes apparel associations and companies from more than 40 countries, a membership that directly and indirectly represents over a hundred thousand companies and over 20 million employees. IAF brings its members together to jointly create stronger, smarter and more sustainable supply chains, it provides its members with valuable information and guidance and it represents its members on several international platforms working incessantly on more industry standardisation and harmonisation, industry collaboration and inclusiveness of solutions.

MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers. Launched in 2018 by parent company Alvanon, MOTIF tackles the industry need for evolving skill sets and continuous professional development. provides a unique online learning experience with education on important industry topics across the supply chain and training on fundamental, technical, business and creative skills. MOTIF is working with top industry practitioners from around the world to develop world class courses, for apparel professionals and corporates, that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.

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