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Empowering on Every Level
through Effective
Change Management
Focusing on the "People" Side of Change

A 3 Day Interactive Masterclass

Live everyday on Sept 28-30 at
  • 11:00 AM New York
  • 4:00 PM London
  • 11:00 PM Hong Kong

Event Description

Focusing on the ‘People’ Side of Change for Best Results

This 3-day interactive Masterclass is led by experienced change management practitioners from the Jordan Alliance Group (JAG) with guest speakers showcasing real business cases from the fashion industry. Each of the three days is broken down into two hour sessions, showing how exercising basic Change Management principles within an organization will motivate and empower employees on every level.

A digital Certificate of Completion will be issued to all who complete this Masterclass.

As leadership needs to be able to oversee the execution of corporate changes and initiatives, they must be equipped to persuade others to accept corporate changes. In this session, we will address corporate leadership’s responsibility to work transparently, with an effective communication plan that inspires and empowers their employees on every level. We will discuss industry best-practices and execution of Change Management methodologies from a leadership perspective and strategies for overcoming individuals with resistance to change.


  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Change Management – The what, why and how, as well as addressing influences in a company’s culture, effective communication methods and tools.
  • Q&A discussion
  • Breakout #1: What’s the challenge?
    • Deal with a sample challenge
    • Use CM methodologies to come up with solutions
  • Discussion Recaps – Addressing resistance one person at a time
  • Breakout #2: What’s the challenge?
    • Real-life challenge provided to discuss
    • Use CM methodologies to come up with solutions
  • Breakout discussions recap, Wrap-up & Quickfire

As employees need effective communication on corporate decisions, changes and new initiatives, there is often a lack of transparency and direction coming from leadership. In this session, we will address individualized responsibility to obtain information, necessary training, tools, and clarity of roles and responsibilities to fully embrace corporate change. We will address what individuals can do to prepare themselves for the changes to come. We will focus on real-life concerns, fears and uncertainties about corporate change.


  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Understanding Organizational Change – Determine why teams need to change, discuss employee concerns, overcome lack of confidence.
  • Q&A discussion
  • Breakout #1: What’s the challenge?
    • Deal with a sample challenge
    • Use CM methodologies to come up with solutions
  • Discussion Recaps – Embrace digital tools, communicate the language of executives and feel more empowered.
  • Breakout #2: What’s the challenge?
    • Real-life challenge provided to discuss
    • Use CM methodologies to come up with solutions
  • Breakout discussions recap, Wrap-up & Quickfire

This session will review effective forms of communication and tools to continuously improve cross-functional and leadership engagement. We will share additional best-practice methodologies, solutions, and industry case studies. Discussion on how change Management’s overall adherence will have a positive impact on job satisfaction, performance and productivity.


  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Detailed breakdown of the framework – Plan the change, Implement the change and sustain the change
  • Recap of main points
  • Q&A discussion
  • Closing remarks and take-aways

Registration Options

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Limited Seats: Maximum 100 participants

Less than 3 seats remaining. Price: US$220
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The US$220 gives you access to:
  • These three day x two-hour interactive virtual classes with audience participation
  • Real case studies presented by guest speakers
  • Group break-out sessions for discussion
  • Pre-reading material and resources
  • Access to the event community for discussion before and after
Note: registration & ticketing will be in two steps. Tickets in step 2 could be sold out anytime now.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Setting the Context: Setting the Context: Our top resources
  • Breakout #1: Status quo and Challenges
    • Introduction
    • What are the major challenges you / your company are faced with?
  • Making conventional fibers more sustainable
  • Understanding materials of the Future
  • Breakout #2: Brainstorming Solutions and Best Practices
    • Understanding where to start
    • Principles of approach from our speakers
    • Sharing our experiences so far
    • Hear more specific case studies
  • Breakout discussions recap
  • Wrap-up & Quickfire


Ilka Jordan
Founder and CEO, Jordan Alliance Group

Ilka Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group, one of the first pro-active, black-owned, women-led management consulting firms servicing the fashion industry’s transition towards sustainable solutions and capitalizing on the concepts of a circular economy. Ilka is a strategic thought leader and trusted advisor to retail executives seeking to transform their organization into purposeful, sustainable, and profitable business models.

Ilka is recognized as a business strategy and transformation expert and sought-after speaker. She has been featured in CIO Application Magazine, FASHINNOVATION, Companies for Zero Waste, Entrepreneurial Events, and is a member of the Fashion Advisory Board at LIM College.

Adrienne Shelton
SVP / Executive Advisor, Jordan Alliance Group

Adrienne Shelton is acknowledged in the fashion industry as a strategic thinker and collaborative business leader with the ability to act in a tactical manner. She takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound business strategies. She intuitively sees the value of bringing cross-functional teams together into a cohesive whole, helps others extend their thinking and achieves breakthrough financial results. She is an inspirational leader who shares best-practices that inspire action while being grounded in financial details that leverage the business.

Adrienne held executive roles at leading specialty retailers and department stores; Ascena Retail Group, Limited Brands, Chico’s and Macy’s. As SVP, Executive Advisor at The Jordan Alliance Group, she uses her expertise and executive leadership skills to provide strategic direction and management consulting.

Gina Moore-Herring
Director of JAG Learn, Jordan Alliance Group

Gina Moore-Herring is a pragmatic, hardworking fashion industry operations expert with the ability to deliver sustainable solutions in product life-cycle management, business process improvement, and change management.

Gina is a Change Management Practitioner certified through Prosci, the leader in implementing successful change through shifting the focus to the “People” side of change. Her certification is attributed to her ability to motivate and inspire others to lead on every level through individualized empowerment, ultimately making her approach successfully embraced.

Gina is the Director of JAG LEARN, the branch of Jordan Alliance Group that works with corporations big and small, academic institutions, and individuals seeking career change, or guidance on professional self-improvements.

Guest Speakers

Dave Richard
Director & Co-Founder, DeSL
Pam Peale
VP of Global Sales & US PLM Operations, DeSL

Dave Richards, Director and co-founding member of the DeSL family, has been responsible for a large portion of the system’s overall design and functionality, while managing and implementing projects with Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers in the fashion industry all around the world. His role at DeSL includes project management, detail process review and reengineering, system configuration, user acceptance and training. He has excellent consultancy skills along with almost 30 years of technical experience.

Pam Peale leads DeSL’ s global sales team and oversees U.S. operations. She started her career in children’s wear design and has gone between working for apparel companies and technology providers servicing the fashion industry. In her current role with DeSL, Pam works with retailers and manufacturers to understand technology needs and trends. Her passion for the industry drives her to help companies streamline processes.

Patricia Heilman
Independent Consultant

​Patty Heilman is a passionate and skilled Organization Development Consultant, Learning & Development Professional, and Coach, with over 15 years in the fashion retail industry. She has worked with some of the top sustainable, solutions-driven apparel supply chain companies in the industry during her years of experience. She is committed to building strong and empowering relationships by bringing a positive and inviting learning approach to all initiatives.

Patty possesses considerable business and supply chain acumen, and deep experience in creating collaborative environments, effective teams and facilitative leaders. Her expertise includes, Business Processes, Change Management, Human Resource, Product Lifecycle, Startups, Supply Chain, and continual Learning & Development.

Calvin Jackson
Transformation and OCM Consultant

Calvin Jackson is a certified Change Management Practitioner who has led teams and C-suite leadership in spearheading and implementing transformational organizational change. He is a member of the JAG Collective team and has worked with supply chain retailers to develop end-to-end success, which includes providing Change Management methodologies, and helping organizations focus on the “people” side of change to embrace adoption. 

Calvin is accomplished in supply chain strategy and implementation across retail apparel, medical equipment, financial services, entertainment, gaming and hospitality. His experience spans working with companies from small organizations and entrepreneurs, to midsized top retailers, and large Fortune 100 companies. He has over 20 years of consulting experience and has demonstrated years of reputable business acumen and client leadership.

Facilitated by JAG

Jordan Alliance Group Inc. (JAG) is one of the first pro-active, Black-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firms focused on bettering the fashion industry’s transition towards sustainability and capitalizing on the concepts of a circular economy. 

JAG builds strategic partnerships with clients to design and deliver transformation projects that align with corporate sustainability goals and drive profitable business growth. JAG specializes in transforming business value chains to focus on Product, People, Profit, and the Planet!

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Unlike a traditional 1-hour webinar, a Masterclass encourages peer to peer interactions and is a deep-dive session. Whereas both the MOTIF 2-hour Learning Series and MOTIF Masterclasses are highly interactive, the latter are a deeper drill-down on a particular topic. We encourage all participants to prepare by reading the assigned pre-reading, ask questions in the session community forum and come prepared to engage in a live discussion. A digital Certificate of Completion will be awarded for active and full participation to the Masterclass.

This session is open to any fashion industry professional. Some topics may be more advanced than others but there are no prerequisites to attend.

This class is for all Fashion and Apparel professionals working across the industry supply chain and across functions, C-Suite Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Cross-Functional Teams, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Students.

The ticket gives you access to the full Masterclass and all of its learning material which includes live interaction sessions with audience participation, small group break-out discussions, pre-reading material and resources, and access to the event community for discussion before and after. Everyone who completes the Masterclass, will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.

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Due to the interactive nature of the Masterclass, and it being structured around discussions, brainstorming and break out sessions, it will NOT be recorded. A digital summary digest will be provided after the event.

Tickets are non exchangeable or transferable to another person or another MOTIF event or course or subscription. An individual ticket can be refunded in full if cancellation takes place 14 days prior the Masterclass Day 1 session, up to 50% if 7 days prior, no refund will be awarded after that. No refund will be awarded for group/multi-tickets purchases prior the event or in case of no-show. 

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Course Community BETA Connect & Exchange with Learning Peers

Think like Socrates, asking and answering questions greatly multiplies the breadth and depth of understanding of any topic. Only when you are able to clearly explain something to someone else should you consider yourself as knowing it.

Ask anything below, look for clarifications, raise edge case scenarios, share your work-in-progress designs or simply contribute to existing discussions.

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