End to End Digitisation : The Future of Apparel

A Live Case Study Learning Experience
  • Wed Dec 9th 12:00am Hong Kong
  • Tue Dec 8th 4:00pm London
  • Tue Dec 8th 11:00am New York

The apparel and textile industries lack digital tools, definitions, and standards to drive a Digital Twin model, let alone support a design-to-manufacturing process. As such, there is considerable unrealized revenue – by some estimates as high as $400 billion – forfeited not merely through design and manufacturing inefficiency, but through poor forecasting resulting in lost sales (no inventory) or diluted margin due to liquidation (excess inventory).

This MOTIF Learning Series installment is a case study that looks at the fundamentals of how garments are designed, developed, and manufactured. It then identifies how digitalization can be applied in each stage and across the process to solve the problem.

This event is specifically for you if you are C-level, director of manufacturing, apparel product developer or designer, department managers with budget approval authority, fabric developers, sourcing associate.

Covered: Materials (session 1), product design and development (session 2), and garment construction (session 3)

Not covered: Collection planning, line planning, merch planning, visual merchandising, online merchandising


  • User Frank Henderson CEO, Henderson Sewing Machine Co.

    Frank Henderson began his career at Amoco Fabric and Textile Division of Amoco Chemical in Nashville, GA, working on engineering with polypropylene fabric in fabric development. In 1976 Frank returned to Henderson Sewing Machine Company, a family owned distributor of industrial sewing machines, parts, supplies and automatic systems for sewn product manufacturers. Over his now 44 years at Henderson Sewing Machine Company, Frank has had the opportunity to visit manufacturers and suppliers of more than 80 different product types of textile sewn products across the US and in more than 60 countries.

  • User Andrea Quek Founder, TIRA

    Andrea is the founder and developer of TIRA, a product design and development solution for apparel that brings with it a new CAD paradigm for the industry. With fashion design training at Central Saint Martins, combined with self-taught computer science and experience design, Andrea applies design-thinking and technology towards a digital, sustainable future for the apparel industry.

  • User Keith Hoover President, Black Swan Textiles

    Keith Hoover focuses on implementing manufacturing-focused digital processes for fabric and apparel product development. He started his career as an illustrator for apparel brands, subsequently moving into product development. He devised digital color management programs for Ralph Lauren, Target, Lands' End, JCPenney, and Under Armour, ultimately leading to a process that eliminated labdips altogether. At Under Armour, Hoover championed the UA Lighthouse, driving digitalization and advanced manufacturing processes to build local-for-local sourcing. He has worked hands-on in mills worldwide.

  • MOTIF Team Cathy Cole moderator CEO, MOTIF

    Catherine Cole is the Chief Executive Officer of MOTIF, the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their business, lives and careers. Based in Hong Kong, Catherine has over 20 years of experience working with multinationals and start-ups across Asia in business development, marketing and strategy roles for companies such as Samsung, Evergreen International Airlines and RacingThePlanet. Her passion is at the intersection of technology and education, especially as it relates to lifelong learning and upskilling in industries as dynamic as fashion.


– Welcome & Introduction to the MOTIF Learning Series

– Setting the Context: Using the Innovation Framework

Session #1: Garment Components: Learn about the crucial role that fabric plays both in cost and value from fiber to finished fabric and how digitizing key fabric attributes supports both product design and manufacturing.

– Q&A and Discussion

Session #2: Design and Product Design: Learn about the peculiarities of apparel design along with an analysis of the current 3D paradigm to understand what true digital design unlocks

– Q&A and Discussion

Session #3: Manufacturing Sewn Products: Reshoring? Factories of the Future? Robots? It all starts with data from digital fabric and true digital garment design, enabling our industry to create a smart manufacturing environment in which everything is connected, optimized, agile, transparent, and proactive. This is truly end-to-end digitalization.

– Group Q&A and Testing Ideas

– Conclusions and Take-Aways

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