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Having the Right DNA for Change: Case Studies from 3D Implementation in Fashion A 2 hour Interactive Online Class

Live on Tue, Dec 7 at
  • 9:00 AM New York
  • 2:00 PM London
  • 9:00 PM Hong Kong

Event Description

Businesses with a clear change story are more likely to succeed with digital transformation, according to a recent McKinsey report on unlocking success.

No matter what stage of adoption a company is in with 3D sampling, there are some common pitfalls. The root cause often stems from internal resistance, differing understanding of benefits and unclear expectations across operational teams.

Our next MOTIF Learning Series revisits the challenges companies face with 3D implementation that we have covered in previous Learning Series, but with a focus on the “people” side of implementation – raising engagement, lowering resistance and implementing with a clear change story.

This two-hour online workshop will bring you stories as well as practical tools.  First from someone on the ground working through deployment of 3D sampling with brands and the role of change management in their success or failures.  Eric Lee from UNIFi3D will share case studies from his experience working with global brands and retailers, focusing on the biggest roadblocks. This will be followed by practical change management tools that you can take away to apply from Ilka Jordan, from Jordan Alliance Group. Besides short presentations, the workshop will involve two separate break-out discussions and a chance to challenge your assumptions and ask questions. 

This event is specifically for you if you hold a senior or executive role within a brand or retailer that manages any part of the DPC process, merchandising and sourcing and are eager to take your company farther along the 3D transformation journey.


  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Common Pitfalls of 3D Implementation – Eric Lee, GM UNIFi3D will introduce case studies
  • Breakout #1:
    • Do the problems raised resonate with you?
    • How would you tackle the problems raised?
  • Discussion Recaps
  • An introduction to Change Management – Ilka Jordan, CEO Jordan Alliance Group
  • Breakout #2:
    • What tools could be used to solve issues?
    • After hearing from Ilka, things you might do to solve the problems?
  • Case study resolutions – Eric Lee
  • Group discussion with both speakers
  • Wrap-up & Quickfire

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Price: US$25 (Free for MOTIF Discovery & All-Access Pass Holders and MOTIF Members; note you must still register!)

The US$25 gives you access to:

  • This two-hour interactive virtual class with audience participation
  • At least two small group break-out sessions for discussion
  • Pre-reading material and resources
  • Access to the event community for discussion before and after
  • Access to the event digital digest afterwards

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Eric Lee
General Manager, UNIFi3D

Eric Lee, General Manager, UNIFi3D has worked with many apparel brands around the world. From design philosophy to buying strategy to sales model, Eric has seen countless different setups and can say that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for success. The same can be said of digital transformation – while many digital rollouts contain similar steps, there is no single roadmap that works for everyone. Any digital transformation takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to accomplish. There is often a huge learning curve and the process of gathering knowledge involves selecting the right tools and partners. At UNIFi3D, we apply the knowledge we’ve gained in helping 100+ brands and retailers rollout 3D sampling to help any apparel brand or retailer start and scale digital sampling initiatives quickly. Eric enjoys traveling and exploring new places, and connecting the dots with different cultures. He’s proud of his work at UNIFi3D and contributions to keep the world beautiful and sustainable so that the next generation can enjoy exploring as much as I do.

Ilka Jordan
Founder and CEO, Jordan Alliance Group

Ilka Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group, one of the first pro-active, black-owned, women-led management consulting firms servicing the fashion industry’s transition towards sustainable solutions and capitalizing on the concepts of a circular economy. Ilka is a strategic thought leader and trusted advisor to retail executives seeking to transform their organization into purposeful, sustainable, and profitable business models.

Ilka is recognized as a business strategy and transformation expert and sought-after speaker. She has been featured in CIO Application Magazine, FASHINNOVATION, Companies for Zero Waste, Entrepreneurial Events, and is a member of the Fashion Advisory Board at LIM College.


Facilitated by Cathy Cole, CEO, MOTIF

Catherine Cole is the Chief Executive Officer of MOTIF, the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their business, lives and careers. Based in Hong Kong, Catherine has over 20 years of experience working with multinationals and start-ups across Asia in business development, marketing and strategy roles for companies such as Samsung, Evergreen International Airlines and RacingThePlanet. Her passion is at the intersection of technology and education, especially as it relates to lifelong learning and upskilling in industries as dynamic as fashion.

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This session is open to any industry professional. Some topics may be more advanced than others but there are no prerequisites to attend.

This class is specifically for you if you hold a senior or executive role within a brand or retailer that manages any part of the DPC process, merchandising and sourcing and are eager to take your company farther along the 3D transformation journey.

The US$25 gives you access to the live two-hour interactive workshop with audience participation, at least two small group break-out sessions for discussion, pre-reading material and resources, access to the event community for discussion before and after, access to the event digital digest post event.

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Due to the interactive nature of the class, and it being structured around discussions, brainstorming and break out sessions, it will NOT be recorded. A post-event digital digest will be made available to all attendees.

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  5. Topics lined up for 2021-2022 include: The Evolution of Fashion – Building ESG Goals – Building a Sustainable Brand

from Scratch – Branding Communications and Sustainability – How to Build Your
Sustainable Raw Materials Strategy – 3D Implementation Challenges – Sustainable Packaging Trends and
Solutions -The Digital Body

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Think like Socrates, asking and answering questions greatly multiplies the breadth and depth of understanding of any topic. Only when you are able to clearly explain something to someone else should you consider yourself as knowing it.

Ask anything below, look for clarifications, raise edge case scenarios, share your work-in-progress designs or simply contribute to existing discussions.

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