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It's a Great Time to Learn with a Friend !

Enrol for any of our online courses or for an individual All-Access Pass by October 16th and we’ll offer you an extra course seat or Pass.

Studying with a buddy increases motivation, knowledge retention and makes your learning experience even more pleasurable and enriching!

How it works

1. Simply use Promo Code FRIEND2FOR1 upon checkout by October 16th.

2. Upon your purchase we will contact you to enrol your learning buddy on your chosen course or pass. 

3. You’ll just need to provide us with your learning buddy details within 2 weeks from your date of purchase so he/she gets enrolled too!

MOTIF online courses are self paced and access lasts for a year, so you have ample time to earn a valuable certificate to showcase on your resume and revisit the course content.

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The All-Access Pass is for you!


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