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Alvanon is a global innovations company shaping the future of fit.

When Alvanon was founded in 2001 it was focused on solving the sizing and fit challenges inherent in the apparel industry. It has since evolved into a global company, shaping the future of fit through modern technology and an innovative data-driven approach.

Today, Alvanon operates as advisor to many of the world’s leading apparel organizations – helping them improve their fit for and engage more intimately with the modern-day consumer.

Alvanon Courses



Ed Gribbin

Ed has over 4 decades of expertise in the apparel industry — from the factory floor to the boardrooms of global apparel companies.


Emily Robertson

Emily has over 20 years experience leading teams of engineers, QA, patternmakers, graders & technical developers in the fit, construction and global manufacturing of apparel products from denim to down.


Tracy Rickert

Tracy has over 20 years of apparel retail, design and management experience with multinational companies.

May_Fong_Alvanon_Course_Instructor_ Motif_How-To_Run_A_Fit_Session-Round

May Fong

May has extensive line and management experience in retail operations, merchandising, product development as well as supply chain management for major international brands in Asia Pacific.

Alice Rodrigues

Alice brings over 3 decades of experience in garment construction, pattern making and fit development in addition to product development and technical design. She has held both line and management positions in global manufacturing operations and is now a Senior Consultant with Alvanon.

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