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Drip by Drip is the world's first NGO committed to tackling the water issues in the fashion & textile industries

Drip by Drip is the world’s first NGO committed to tackle the water issues in the textile and fashion industry. As part of their work, they inform and consult about the correlation between water and fashion, try to make consumers aware of it and influence their buying decision, as well as offering a platform of exchange for producers, brands and consumers. 

Through the Blue Lab, they develop water-saving materials. Together with industry experts and partners, they bring to the manufacturers wastewater management solutions and help fashion labels to reach sustainability and transparency.

Lastly, they fund community projects in Bangladesh, a country that is severely affected by the water pollution from the textile industry.

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Valeria Corallo instructor

Valeria Corallo

With a background in Integrated Water Resources Management and Economics, Valeria has been working in the water sector since 2013 – focusing on utilities in developing and emerging countries in improving their public water and sanitation services.


Johannes Fürst

Johannes is the Head of Fabric & Textile Development at Drip by Drip and the co-founder of the creative studio and fashion agency Montebelo. He is an expert on sustainable sourcing and alternative water-saving solutions for the fashion industry.

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