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Can a 3D program produce production ready patterns

Joneien Johnson Freelance 3D Apparel Designer at Joneien Leah Johnson Design

I am a user of CLO and after watching several demos of other 3D software throughout the festival I realized that it doesn’t seem any 3D program at the moment creates production ready patterns. What I mean is even if you have a finished 2D pattern, before you sew it in 3D you need to make some adjustments like remove facing, double layers or other small details like gussets for pockets need to be changed so that it simulates properly. I had already been doing this in my workflow but didn’t realize other programs didn’t allow you to sew the 2D patterns as they are necessarily. So after you have tested fit, made style changes and graded the pattern in 3D, before you send this pattern you have to fix it by putting back facings, etc to make it production ready again.

In my workflow I have made small compromises in my patterns so that they sew up nicely in 3D but I know if this were a real world pattern it wouldn’t translate and would need some work either before I sent it to manufacturing or would need a technical designer to look at it and fix it. Which because I like to create my initial design in 3D, this adds an extra step of needing to export the pattern outside of 3D for more work because what I have created is not actually production ready.

Are there any 3D programs that actually allow you to create production ready patterns, with no compromises, so what you create in 3D is ready to send for sampling or manufacturing?

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