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Cost of 3D Software for Independent Designers

Joneien Johnson Freelance 3D Apparel Designer at Joneien Leah

My question is are 3D Apparel Software companies planning to become more accessible and affordable in the future for independent and freelance designers? Especially with 3D being the future and in light of corona related lay-offs in the industry causing even more professionals to become independent or freelance?

I am a CLO user and an independent designer. I chose CLO about 2 years ago after researching the other 3D Software, setting up demos and getting price quotes for a single license. CLO by far is the most accessible when you are not a large enterprise, both with affordability and with lots of training videos on youtube from CLO and others. The learning curve wasn’t very difficult if you are already familiar with other CAD software. Unlike the others I was able to sign up for a trial directly on their website and control my subscription to suit my needs as I needed it.

What I found with the other companies that they were not accessible at all. Pricing is a big secret and you can only get a quote after contacting them for a demo. Often they are not set-up for single user and the license for an independent designer is much too expensive. Typically you can’t find lots of demo or training videos on youtube or even their own website.

I think there is opportunity here to reach the independents out there, and right now CLO is winning. I am super satisfied with CLO but if I ever needed to use a different program because that is what my client is using or for future jobs, it’s unthinkable because of the price and learning curve.


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