Is paper reaaaaally the better option to plastic? Please convince me

Linnea Grunnesjö 3D Garment Technician at Ridestore

Analysing the packaging of our e-commerce, and I the aim is clear – no green washing, do what’s good, for real.

The paper vs plastic debate is polarised, and I know there is more complexity to the question – where does the paper/plastic come from, recycleablility etc…

But far as I found:

  • Shipping paper takes way more bulk and weight compared to plastics to ship
  • A paper bag breaks faster and is harder to re-use
  • Depending on the production method, paper often takes more energy to produce than plastics
  • The problem of plastic is end-of-life, on all other points it wins against paper. But how do I compare the problem of plastic waste in oceans to increased CO2 emissions using paper? It’s not comparable units…
  • Why is the whole world convinced paper is better than plastic?

Don’t get me wrong, if paper is better – that’s great, then we don’t have to do the work of convincing our customer anything else, but I’m just not convinced myself yet. Does anyone know any good studies of this I could check?

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