Simon Beachus Owner at kingsXcross distribution

Hello Ahmed, thanks for your perspective and sharing some wonderful personal stories.

I think you have made many valid points, however is uncertainty not something that is a part of life, we rarely know what the future holds for us? I would be afraid that cutting out the uncertainty would actually make things too static. Does it not play a role in making the industry so creative and diverse for example? As we have seen over various sessions here in the last 2 days for example, scalability is a very important factor in creating positive benefits for the future. That is not just relevant for innovation but also concerns daily business for certain sectors. I’m not arguing against your ideas, over stocking is definitely one of fashions biggest problems, however I would rather put the focus on another factor which is relevant across the whole supply chain and indeed within circular models. VALUE. As you pointed out, retailers, distributors, brands and wholesalers are very quick to discount. In many instances, though they have less room to manoeuver, suppliers too. The industry and all beneficiaries are too quick to de-value a product and all that is relevant to it from growing and sourcing raw-materials, through social compliance, industry standards and right up to consumers/users discarding a product after it is only worn once or twice. Should we not build our systems, whether small or big, on value?  If we really focus on upholding the value of everything this would surely make many models and ways of working obsolete. Both of these terms are very subjective, so I hope this starts an interesting discussion! Best regards Simon

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