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Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies

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Foundation/promoting standards to reduce the industry’s chemical footprint. They have a training academy…
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This book sets out to demystify the world of chemistry in the fashion industry, using simple language that we can all understand, and icons to sign post key points, it is an easy read with a very important message. 

Written by Frank Michael (Executive Director of ZDHC) and Steve Kaelble (a seasoned journalist) this book arms you with enough knowledge to challenge misconceptions about chemistry and highlights the ‘nasty’ chemicals to look out for in garment and textile production. 

If after reading detoxing the fashion Industry, you remember what ZDHC stands for and how a MRSL can be a foundation for change, then you are already well on your way to making fashion more sustainable.

Here are a few things we’ve learnt from it:

  • Purple is a power colour and rare in nature, have you seen a purple flower lately?
  • Clothing production doubled between 2000-2014, and we are buying 60% more clothes than we did a decade ago. No wonder my wardrobe is packed!
  • Not all chemicals are BAD!

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