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When Caring for People & the Planet Means Profit

sustainability business model

Alvanon’s whitepaper ‘When Caring for People & the Planet Means Profit’ is a great read for senior to middle management who are trying to contextualise the strategic value of sustainability.

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As co-writers of this white paper MOTIF must include this 2019 report in its top picks. The forward of the report from Alvanon’s CEO Janice Wang says it all. Doing the right thing in business is no longer synonymous with philanthropy. Sustainable business strategies are now essential for anyone looking to future-proof their businesses. It now means investing in your people, future talent, environmental impact, and long-term business priorities. In this new age of corporate governance, issues like people & training, transparency, privacy, community engagement and process efficiency are becoming second nature in daily business discussions.

This paper draws on the experiences of seasoned professionals and includes case studies which demonstrate that sustainable business practices require a re-invention of old concepts and a return to business efficiency.

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