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Rewriting Fashion – a reflection on the past 10 years from Eva Kruse A globally recognised voice in sustainability, Eva Kruse is the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), the world’s foremost leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion.

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Detoxing the fashion Industry for dummies sets out to demystify the world of chemistry. In the words of the authors: “This book was created for fashion lovers by people who love fashion – but who also love people…”

What does it mean in terms of integrating technology and have we got the skills to succeed?

If you are interested in understanding the sustainability impacts of our industry from a supply chain perspective, the UN sustainability and circularity in the textile value chain is is the report to read.

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Commissioned by the Secretary General of the UN the 17 sustainable business goals are often foundation pillars for governments and businesses alike when building their strategies and policies.

The robin report ‘wild card trends for 2021’ gives us all a flavour of the what might come this year. It predicts trends based on technology driving enriched consumer experience, combined with return to quality, longevity and sustainable practise. Here lies a direct analogy with MOTIF’s core learning values, let’s maintain the craft abd provide people with the skills to learn new ways of doing things.

The Fashion Transparency Index 2020 published by Fashion Revolution ranks brands by their sustainability credentials, it’s quite an eye opener!

The go to document if you are looking for information on sustainable fibres and materials, published annually by the global nonprofit organisation the Textile Exchange.

The CDFA toolkit is best described as a sustainability guide for executives. It’s a great resource if you are planning to shape strategy & manage implementation of sustainability with organizations.

A small snap shot on how to make sustainability fashionable. It’s not just about selecting the right fibres it involves interpretation of customer life style, key product wants and needs, colour and texture. That’s the genius of fashion design. In this article Jasmine Glasheen shares some tips for 2021.

Read the full report, to understand more about the 2030 Agenda, a blueprint for shared prosperity in a sustainable world. The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019 provides evidence-based insights and reports on the progress made in critical areas.

Anybody with a good idea burning away, should read this article and hear about the experiences of four start up businesses trying to change the face of retail. Quote ‘Julian Mills, founder and CEO of Quorso (based in London) says, he saw a disconnect between insight and action’. It’s often not the idea that fails but the implementation, let’s use ReWire as an opportunity to join the dots and work together on supporting ideas for change.

Alvanon’s whitepaper ‘When Caring for People & the Planet Means Profit’ is a great read for senior to middle management who are trying to contextualise the strategic value of sustainability.

The customer in the case study is a large textile and apparel manufacturer who owns several production facilities across Asia and is a trusted supplier to major international brands. While they pride themselves on being sustainable in their supply chain, they have struggled with showing this transparently to their customers.

If consumer confidence is low, rocked by a year and more of living in isolation, where everything we trust has been brought into question. How do we as an industry re-position to build trust again, maybe sustainability is the answer. There is a great quote in this report ‘To gain trust, you have to be trustworthy’. Isn’t that what sustainability promises a future without compromise? Just a thought…

The Nike Circularity Guides & principles can be customised to suit your individual needs and to support designers and product developers to think ‘circular’.

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10 Years of Rewriting Fashion

Rewriting Fashion – a reflection on the past 10 years from Eva Kruse A globally recognised voice in sustainability, Eva Kruse is the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), the world’s foremost leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion.

A generation of hustlers is how Jasmine Glasheen describes today’s Gen Z consumer. It’s easy to understand what she means, a consumer who basically expects it all and knows how to get it. As an industry can we deliver on their expectations for sustainability, product credentials which offer differentiation and a BARGAIN, yes price?

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