3D Design – Redefined: Optitex unveils its new tool for fashion designers - “OPTITEX CREATIVE”

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  • Wed Sep 22nd at 11:05pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 4:05pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 11:05am New York

Optitex unveils its new tool for designers - OPTITEX CREATIVE. A 3D-based design software, OPTITEX CREATIVE enables fashion designers to instantly realize their creative vision without any patternmaking knowledge and deliver compelling 3D models with highly accurate and reliable auto-generated patterns.


  • Katherine Jhonson Katherine Jhonson 3D Operations Manager at Elcatex Group

    Katherine Jhonson is a Graphic Designer with a NABA certification in graphic design and art direction, and graduated from central América Technological University. While studying, she started working for the textile industry in the sublimation area as a designer for sportswear prints. Katherine also has extensive knowledge of Adobe suite with experience in marketing and publicity design and developing campaigns for food industry companies. After graduating, she started working at Elcatex Group focusing on 3D fashion design. During her experience, she has improved her skills in fashion design, pattern making, sewing, and technical design. Now, she covers the role of 3D Operation Manager in the company.

  • Richard Jessup Richard Jessup VP Sales at Optitex

    Richard is VP Sales at Optitex. Richard recently joined Optitex bringing over two decades of fashion design software experience and expertise, combined with both enterprise level software and technology-based capital goods. A sales savvy industry professional, prior to joining Optitex, he successfully built, developed, and managed sales teams in the UK and EMEA for leading software solution providers in the Fashion & Apparel, Automotive, and Furniture industries.

  • Shani Segev Shani Segev Product Manager & User Experience Designer at Optitex

    Shani is a Product Manager & User Experience Designer at Optitex. With a professional background as Fashion Designer and leading technological roles as QA Manager and Project Lead, Shani brings her knowledge in Fashion Design and Pattern Making as well as her experience of the most advanced software development practices to deliver the best digital solutions. Shani is leading cross-functional software development teams and works with Optitex’s enterprise customers to provide unique digital solutions specially built for the Fashion & Apparel work processes.

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