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  • Tue Sep 21st at 11:15pm Hong Kong
  • Tue Sep 21st at 4:15pm London
  • Tue Sep 21st at 11:15am New York

3D value creation is the real game changer in the fashion business!

3D -from idea to shelf- enables enormous improvements for companies to align their processes and communication to the customer's needs. This transforms your company into a demand-driven organisation.

The integrated solutions based on 3D design, 3D development and 3D distribution from ASSYST are the relevant enablers for companies to significantly influence and reduce their biggest risk factor, the misinterpretation of trends, and thus to optimally use the most important cost factor, the cost of goods. This creates responsiveness that enables your company to adaptively fulfil customer wishes when they are current.

We discuss how to realize these benefits. Which tools for 3D design, development and distribution as well as which workflows have proven themselves in practice. We show what is necessary to offer your products to your customers in the various channels - from wholesale to retail to social media. Direct 3D digital. Visually emotional, fit-proof, technically feasible. Commercially successful.

ASSYST supports its customers in introducing end2end 3D value creation solutions and thus aligning their company in a customer-centric way.


  • User Hans Peter Hiemer Managing Director of Assyst GmbH

    Hans Peter Hiemer has been developing and implementing concepts and solutions for the sustainable optimization of value chains in the consumer goods industries in Europe and Asia/China since the late 1980s. Since the beginning of his professional career, his focus has been on supporting companies on their way to further develop their business logic into responsive systems, as well as to transform it into a customer-centric orientation. His previous roles and responsibilities at international wholesale and retail brands, as well as today at ASSYST, in his own company and as an advisory board member, underline Hans Peter Hiemer's extensive entrepreneurial experience. Before assuming various management positions at Kurt Salmon, ESCADA AG or MONDI and s.Oliver, among others, he coordinated numerous German-European projects for basic research in the textile technology environment. Since March 2021, Hiemer has been managing director of ASSYST GmbH. ASSYST is a leading provider of integrated 3D software solutions that enable fashion companies to develop their products end2end digitally and offer them to their customers in the various virtual channels.

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