Avatars, Metahumans and Fashion in the Metaverse

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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 10:00pm Hong Kong
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 3:00pm London
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 10:00am New York

The metaverse is here. In this session, Richard Hobbs and Mao Lin Liao will discuss the advantages of purely digital fashion compared to the real world. How do we think consumers will behave in web3.0 and what are some of the most promising uses of avatars outside of fit?


  • User Mao Lin Liao CEO & Founder of REBLIKA

    Mao is a self-motivated, ambitious, and performance-focused entrepreneur and founder of REBLIKA – The Character Company, with a vision ” to become world’s No 1 Character company and crossing the uncanny valley by 2025.” REBLIKA is all about a unique experience. It is an image changing concept focused on providing avatar and 3d scanning service to deliver a unique and the best in class Digital humans. It is a perfect combination of superior service quality, 20+ years of experience. Today REBLIKA has clients all around the world from fashion, film, and tech companies. His work for Terre des Hommes’ Sweetie campaign has been rewarded with twelve golden lions and the Grand Prix for Good at the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity, the equivalent of the Oscars for the communication industry. In his spare time, Mao creates hyper-realistic portraits of existing and non-existent people. This exhibition is the first part of a series of portraits in which he explores the boundaries of realism and beauty.

  • Richard Hobbs Richard Hobbs Founder and CEO of Brand New Vision

    After decades of experience in the global fashion industry and with a particular interest in applying new technology to the apparel business, Richard recently launched BNV.ME as a platform for the sale and trading of fashion related NFTs working with established brands and designers to take them into new digital opportunities. Richard also co-founded The HUB, the first international fashion trade event in Greater China, and has interests in fashion retail, distribution and investments through Entrepot.Asia.

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