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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 10:30pm Hong Kong
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 3:30pm London
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 10:30am New York

An overview of the opportunities for brands to engage in the metaverse: what is it, how big will it be, who will be in it (and why will they be buying), and what are the opportunities for brands? Why should brands engage and how can they do this successfully?


  • User Evelyn Mora Founder of Digital Village io

    Evelyn Mora is the Founder of Internet Company DIGITAL VILLAGE IO, a Social Metaverse with its community lead Blockchain interface prioritizing social and digital sustainability, Digital land, and Digital assets marketplace. Evelyn created the first transparent global Digital Sustainability study and recommendations for more secure and ethical cyberspace. In August 2020, DV won the Blockrocket public pitching contest, was awarded Epic Games, MegaGrant, Vechain Foundation Grant and Blockstart Grant. DV was also selected as top 11 companies for the National Finals of the ClimateLaunchPad, Worlds largest sustainability competition.

  • User Daniella Loftus Founder at This Outfit Does Not Exist

    Dani is the Founder of This Outfit Does Not Exist; an agency bringing Digital Fashion to life. Drawing on expertise across fashion, sustainability, blockchain and innovation Dani founded This Outfit Does Not Exist to facilitate the Fashion Industry’s transition towards digital models of creation and consumption. 
This Outfit Does Not Exist is built on three pillars: integration, explanation and exhibition. It works to optimize Digital Fashion in business; publishes thought-leadership on Digital Fashion's impacts; and showcases Digital Fashion's aesthetic potential. The work of This Outfit Does Not Exist has been featured by global players such as Bloomberg, Parsons, Nikkei and Maze.

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