The importance of consortiums & innovation in sourcing sustainable viscose

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  • Thu Feb 25th at 9:45pm Hong Kong
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  • Christine Goulay Christine Goulay Head of Sustainable Innovation, Kering

    As Head of Sustainable Innovation at Kering, Christine focuses on identifying and supporting innovations that can fast track a transition to a sustainable and circular apparel industry. Prior to this role, Christine worked on Kering’s sustainable sourcing strategy. Before Kering, she worked in INSEAD’s Entrepreneurship Centre, focusing on incorporating impact into traditional business models. She has startup experience managing the socially conscious apparel brand, Edun Live (founded by Ali Hewson and Bono) and also practiced corporate law in the venture capital and private equity sectors. Christine attended Harvard University, has a JD from Boston College Law School, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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  • Carmen Chan Carmen Chan Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager, Tesco

    Carmen works for Tesco and has the responsibility to provide sustainability stewardship to their own clothing brand, ensuring the issues relevant to the industry and stakeholders are core to the business strategy. She drives and leads different sustainability initiatives in the company such as sustainable chemistry, cleaner production, and sustainable materials. She has extensive experience in the industry, worked for various international organisations in retail as well as supply chain for more than 25 years. She serves in the ZDHC Board of Directors and sits in the training advisory group. She also completed her Master degree in Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge and published research papers in microplastic fibres and innovative circular business models.

  • Mukul Agrawal Mukul Agrawal Chief Sustainability Officer, Birla

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  • Katrin Ley Katrin Ley moderator Managing Director, Fashion for Good

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