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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 11:35pm Hong Kong
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 4:35pm London
  • Thu Sep 23rd at 11:35am New York

An overview of how the metaverse offers new possibilities for creators (being bottom-up rather than top-down), providing novel routes to exposure and helping brands engage with digital creators.


  • User Leanne Elliott Young CEO of Institute Of Digital Fashion

    IoDF was founded in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, birthed by industry leads Leanne Elliott Young and Cattytay with a combined mission to use tech as a democratic tool for change, working across stakeholders and social strata to build an inclusive, diverse and sustainable URL x IRL reality. IoDF offers a platform to restructure how technology and digital are used from creation to consumer. Noted globally as the lead innovators within diverse digital representation and 3d curation referenced in key publications BoF, Vogue, Vogue Business, Guardian, BBC, Dazed, i-D, GQ, Wallpaper, SHOWstudio, Jing Daily. IoDF offers innovative world-class digital solutions as progressive alternatives to old paradigms and worn-out cycles, creating immersive strategies and innovation through NFTs, AR, VR and research papers. IoDF’s digital production of assets is unrivalled including; environments, clothing and avatars all created in a view to building new inclusive worlds.

  • User Stephy Fung 3D Artist & Motion Designer

    Stephy Fung is a 3D Artist based in London. She has worked within the 3D field for 4 years and recently dived into digital fashion from 2020 onwards. Her works revolve around celebrating her Chinese heritage in hope of also educating her audiences about Chinese culture.

  • User Regina Turbina Founder at

    Regina Turbina is a digital and physical fashion designer currently based in Doha. Founder of the first digital fashion marketplace and NFT based digital wearable art marketplace The Artisant. She has collaborated with PUMA, CYBR magazine, GQ x Gucci x The North Face and many other brands, designers and artists. Regina is a digital fashion ambassador promoting novel models and opportunities that can change the fashion industry for good.

  • User Daniella Loftus moderator Founder at This Outfit Does Not Exist

    Dani is the Founder of This Outfit Does Not Exist; an agency bringing Digital Fashion to life. Drawing on expertise across fashion, sustainability, blockchain and innovation Dani founded This Outfit Does Not Exist to facilitate the Fashion Industry’s transition towards digital models of creation and consumption. 
This Outfit Does Not Exist is built on three pillars: integration, explanation and exhibition. It works to optimize Digital Fashion in business; publishes thought-leadership on Digital Fashion's impacts; and showcases Digital Fashion's aesthetic potential. The work of This Outfit Does Not Exist has been featured by global players such as Bloomberg, Parsons, Nikkei and Maze.

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