Fashion Start-ups: Jumpstart Your Brand with 3D Tech

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  • Wed Sep 22nd at 10:30pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 3:30pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 10:30am New York

Design Works has helped countless entrepreneurs’ dreams come true by materializing their ideas into finished products by using technical 3D in the design and development process. TG3D Studio offers the Scanatic™ for Fashion 3D solutions for your every need in 3D no matter what stage you are at on the 3D roadmap. With the deep-rooted belief that 3D is not only accessible to big corporations, Rick and Hidi will share how a fashion entrepreneur in the digital era can benefit from 3D on product development and differentiating yourselves on e-commerce and social media.


  • Hidi Fankhauser Hidi Fankhauser Owner of Design Works

    Design Works’ founder, Hidi Fankhauser offers development services to brands in sportswear. Hidi's strong background in apparel allows her team to support brands in building their creations from inception to production. Design Works integrates 3D technology into their proven development process. The addition of 3D positively effects reducing samples and timelines while improving communication with their production partners. For Design Works, 3D is the best vehicle to make an impact on lead time and sustainability.

  • User Rick Yu Chief Marketing Officer at TG3D Studio

    With a background in computer science and over 18 years in the high-tech industry, Rick brought extensive business development experiences in tech companies ranging from conglomerates and start-ups. Rick co-founded TG3D Studio with the ambition to supply the apparel industry with all-inclusive tech solutions to help them through the long overdue digital transformation with as few bumps as possible. His team deeply believes that the digitalization of the industry not only will lead to a more sustainable future, but also will open a whole new range of innovations in service and business models.

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