How to Accelerate 3D Material Digitization for Digital Product Creation

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  • Wed Sep 22nd at 10:00pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 3:00pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 10:00am New York

Digital materials have become one of the fashion industry’s most in-demand resources. But because of the bottlenecks in traditional material digitization, digital product creation is hard to scale and not accessible into routine processes.

By applying new AI-powered technology, Frontier's material digitization does not require intensive hardware investment nor complex processes. Within a few clicks, the swatch card could transform into a meta-data digital material, which provides brands a new solution to have suppliers on board for digital transformation.

In this talk, you will explore:

More about digital product creation, why implementation always falls short.

How to implement 3D into your supply chain with an AI solution

How to transform your business with measurable results


  • User Alexa Dehmel Owner of Active Sports Design Consulting

    Alexa Dehmel has over 30 years of broad and deep expertise in the fashion industry and a high level of professional competence. She maintains an extensive network of leading experts as well as personal connections to relevant cooperation partners and supporters, which she contributes profitably to her customers and the industry. Her work in various roles in the fashion, textile and sportswear industry with a focus on design and collection development, in teaching, as an independent entrepreneur and as a recognized contributor to the industry, makes her a valued contact. Her visionary start-up project, BARTENSTEIN Academy, had to close March 20 due to COVID19. The vision was to train highly qualified specialists and future talents concerning craft and 3D in apparel. Since the Fall 2020 she offers her market experience and service via her agency again. You can follow her monthly webinars and bi-weekly newsletters on relevant topics via Functional Fabric Fair.

  • Wayne Fan Wayne Fan CSO of

    Wayne Fan is Chief Strategy Officer of Inc. He graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA in financial economics. He is a NY hedge fund analyst turned entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in the fashion apparel industry. He is an expert in ODM, OEM, supply chain management, global B2B collaboration SaaS build-up, and textile manufacturing. He is regarded for his experience in global product delivery expertise in active wear, outdoor technical and fashion wear with brands such as Under Armour, ZARA and Jack Wolfskin. Wayne co-authored a paper on using AI for texture maps generation from a single textile color image for use in CAD.

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