The infrastructure of sustainability: what does it take to build systematic change for the industry?

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  • Wed Feb 24th at 9:30pm Hong Kong
  • Wed Feb 24th at 1:30pm London
  • Wed Feb 24th at 8:30am New York


  • Ronna Chao Ronna Chao Chairperson, Novetex

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  • Patrik Lundstrom Patrik Lundstrom CEO, Renewcell

    Mr. Lundström is an experienced industrial executive that joined Renewcell as CEO in 2019, having previously served as Chairman of the Board of Directors at the company. He has lead numerous industrial growth projects in executive positions at companies such as DSM and General Electric both in Sweden and internationally. Mr. Lundström holds an M Sc in Chemical Engineering from KTH and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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  • Anant Ahuja Anant Ahuja Head Organizational Development, Shahi

    Anant Ahuja is the Head of Organizational Development (OD) at Shahi Exports, India’s largest apparel manufacturer employing over 100,000 people. Started by his grandmother in 1975, Shahi has always placed employment and advancement of women at the core of its business. Since 2012, Anant has been spearheading positive change across the business through innovation and strategy to align the company’s growth with the development of people, community, and the environment. His belief that the private sector is a critical lever for development and sustainability led him to start Good Business Lab (GBL), a labor innovation start-up that uses research to find common ground between worker wellbeing and business interests. Through his change management work at Shahi and the evidence-based approach at GBL, Anant wants to change the way businesses operate. He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Dipak Mahato Dipak Mahato moderator CEO, SeaChange

    Dipak Mahato, PhD is Founder and CEO of SeaChange Technologies, where his team is focused on delivering economical and sustainable solutions for apparel manufacturing wastewater management. Prior to launching SeaChange, he was Principal Scientist at Pfizer, focused on research and development for industrial agriculture applications. As a multidisciplinary scientist, Dipak is passionate about introducing innovation to traditional industries through Design Thinking.

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