Leveraging The Ecosystem to Build an Impactful and Resilient End to End Digital Process

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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 12:05am Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 5:05pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 12:05pm New York

When looking at the end-to-end process for apparel, from ideation to selling, there is no doubt that in today's industry, the process can no longer be siloed for the stakeholders involved. There are many components that make up a successful seasonal collection, and an ecosystem that operates in conjunction is imperative. However, when outlining such tech stacks, certain challenges may occur such as overlapping solutions, IT complications with legacy systems, and stakeholder involvement in the allocation process. In this session, Sean will address key questions such as How does a company decide on which components to incorporate into such a technology ecosystem? What KPIs should be addressed to ensure a well-thought-out implementation process? With the noise currently surrounding the fashion industry’s digital transformation, how does a company build a solution that best fits its needs?


  • User Sean Lane VP Partnerships and Solutions at Browzwear

    Sean Lane is a strategic leader with more than 25 years of experience driving business operations and technological innovation in apparel and footwear. With extensive knowledge of the entire value chain from previous roles with companies including Nike and Columbia Sportswear, Sean joined Browzwear as VP of Partnerships and Solutions in early 2021. In this role, Sean is responsible for establishing and fostering relationships across the industry and spearheading new solutions that leverage Browzwear’s innovative 3D platform to drive efficiencies and deliver on business goals. Based near Portland, Oregon, Sean spends his free time enjoying many outdoor activities, including running and cycling.

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