MASTERCLASS: Calibrating in Digital Product Creation

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  • Thu Sep 23rd at 1:10am Hong Kong
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 6:10pm London
  • Wed Sep 22nd at 1:10pm New York

Working digitally has rapidly become integrated throughout the product development process for many industry brands, becoming a key element to support customer expectations effectively and efficiently.

3D can be a powerful tool for marketing, design and technical development. In this talk, Christina Onusko, Kim and Liz discuss level-setting the technical aspects of digital product development as a pathway to enhance reliable consistency.


  • User Kimberly Wick Technical Consultant at Alvanon

    Kim has been a pattern maker working in product development for 20+ years. She also has extensive and relevant experience in grading, technical design and size and fit analysis. Her opportunities to work alongside and for some of the greats in fashion have taught her to take a versatile and innovative approach to creating patterns with precision and achieving optimal fit. At Alvanon, Kim develops blocks and garment grading that map to Alvanon fit standards. She is also experienced in utilizing 3D in the development process and is devoted to helping solve issues with apparel fit and sizing.

  • User Elizabeth Maginot Technical Consultant at Alvanon

    Elizabeth “Liz” Maginot is a well-rounded apparel industry expert with a concentration in 3D Fashion Design, Apparel Technical Design, Pattern Making, Fitting, and Grading. At Alvanon, she utilizes her expertise across multiple software programs to research, react, and provide global clients with customized solutions. Her creativity and fast-paced industry experience drive her passion to help others integrate 3D tools into their product development process wherever possible.

  • Instructor Christina Onusko Director, Blocks & Grading at Alvanon

    Chris Onusko has over 25 years of experience in the apparel industry. With the heart of a teacher, she has a passion for training. At Alvanon, Chris shares her expertise in technical design, manufacturing and product development with global brands at both strategic and tactical levels. She works with clients to establish technical fit standards and tools as the foundation of their product development process for optimum results. Chris is dedicated to employing digital technology in creating fit standards and tools, bridging traditional and digital technical aspects, to augment efficiency in development and reliable fit consistency.

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